Alternatives in Social Networks, Seek the Most Valid

I know that these links are prehistoric, but about the article on social networks in El Pais, I raised that companies must do if they think venturing into this sector in its strategy for Social Media Marketing. What do I mean? That part of MySpace or Facebook on duty, and Spain Tuenti, with its advantages and disadvantages, as impractical watch, hear and play with the tools available on the Internet in open source to create and name your own social network. Ojo, I am not saying that is the best, but should take them into account for those who are unaware of their existence.

It’s like when one decides to consult online marketing companies that can help you when entering the Internet world, and is set only in the big names, without paying attention to lesser-known agencies, but which can give a service tighter. A free market and comprehensive equal opportunities, and more when you’re supposed to create a community or social network at home.

The links found via the community on the net, and commented examples appear in this entry in this techcrunch and other input Jeremiah Owyang.

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