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There are other sources of alternative energy that can be used gas instead of fossil fuels in many of the applications for which this is used. For example, the ethanol extracted from sugarcane behind much of the cars in Brazil or Cuba, or extracts oil from crops such as soybean, sunflower, energy costs olive … There are also substitutes for the more natural pesticides and plastics. On the downside some of the substitutes that could be shuffled even more polluting than existing fuels. This would be the case of synthetic oils derived from coal or natural gas to what, for example, was forced to use Nazi Germany to supply its army. As the depletion of resources that are in the fields growing more use of these alternatives to mitigate in part the shortage. the improvements that have been afforded the general household by Yet many doubt energy that they can get even closer to the excessive use so it has given the oil in the last half of the twentieth century. the energy market has been greatly improved by a top private energy company For fuels derived from plants should be sacrificed in the fields that are needed to grow food and even a few would be to replace the current use of fuels. In natural gas the case of synthetic perhaps the abundance of coal initially made some feasible replacement but we must not forget that coal, oil as a resource that is abundant but is finite. An intensification of demand shorten the depletion of mines. It’s hard to think a turn in the mineral extraction effectively without oil is now used to move the entire mining machinery, trucks, elevators, excavators … Moreover the use of coal and synthetic products would further increase the accelerating pollution problems of air pollution and global warming.

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Many countries in the Balkans and Eastern European countries are scrambling to deal with the consequences of the Russian natural gas Cutoff. A list in alphabetical order:
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The Ministry of Environmental Protection will work with the oil and gas industry to develop new standards for the growing waste control pollution from the booming drilling and new ways of treating the wastewater.
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Leaders of the gas-starved European nations pressed Ukraine and Russia to immediately restore supplies Wednesday when the EU threatened both legal action household for ripping the continent apart from the winter heating plans.
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Serbian government warned that its power grid is becoming overloaded, as thousands of electricity to gas for heating amid shortages due to the Russia-Ukraine energy dispute.

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