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The Belvedere Torso, the work of Apollonius of Athens in the I century a. C. Michelangelo admired the extraordinary (this is the work of someone who has more than Nature) despite or perhaps because of, its semi, which produces a fascination common to all ancient art that mitifica. It is famous for its definition drawings of a good sculpture, the beauty that remained after having rolled down a slope .
Art or Art of the ancient painter Old age is the art of the Ancient Age. The history of ancient art is the division of art history that focuses on the study and interpretation formal, technical, structural, and ideological (iconographic, iconological) and its historical explanation, although the historical archeology is a science aimed at the material culture of the works of art are the most valuable, and is responsible for its discovery and contextual analysis.
Delimitation time watercolor runs from the beginning of history (about the fourth millennium BC in the Near East and Egypt) to the fall of prints the Western Roman Empire (V century). The geographical extent of the development of early civilizations’ as defined by the appearance paintings of writing and the political and religious power ‘where it can be located (Mediterranean civilizations of India, the Far East, Pre-Columbian America and the rest of Europe and africa) and when to speak in each of a historical period (History) or a prehistoric period (Pre), oil painting which determined that his canvas artistic production was the subject of the history of prehistoric giclee art, but really the methodology for its study is largely common part, there is a fundamental portrait difference, and the possibility of using the written sources for historical periods. This resource is irreplaceable, since it not only allows the identification in case of authors or sponsors of the artistic work abstract and to reconstruct the context in which it occurred, but it allows the interpretation landscapes of art in its relation to production in other intellectual fields of thought, especially religion and philosophy. This allows you to perform a reading of the art will understand that through the vision of the world (Weltanschauung) or dominant ideology in times and places as distant to us as the civilizations of the ancient, and that art is the material embodiment and visual.
In contrast to Western civilization, civilizations gallery in Africa, Far East and America did not experience the sharp discontinuity introduced Western art from ancient and medieval art, with the latter term not often applied to these civilizations.
There is also a commercial sculpture and a former collector of Art, I understood as old age is, as the term used to encompass all types of art objects that are not considered modern art belonging to ancient or subsequent periods (medieval art, art Modern Age, and even much of the contemporary art if it is not understood portraits only as the most current, but as the poster art of the Modern Age from the mid-eighteenth-century).

Daily Art
Sitting figure. Tada. Late 13th-14th painters century C. E. Buyer. posters Fundaci ‘Arcelino Bot’ Museum for African Art. ‘National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Nigeria.
New York Times
The new Acropolis Museum, one of the highest-profile cultural projects in Europe in ten years, opens this weekend.
USA Today
gods and heroes long dead mortals got off their pedestals in the evening air of Athens during print the lavish launch of the new Acropolis Museum, a decades old dream that Greece hopes will help reclaim a cherished part of the heritage of Great Britain.
gods and illustration heroes long dead mortals walked off their pedestals in the evening air from Athens on Saturday at the lavish launch of the new Acropolis Museum.
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