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Biography was born in Hawaii. Even the four years he lived in the United States when his family moved to Australia. Her younger sister, Antonia Kidman, born in 1970. His father Anthony Kidman, a biochemist researching breast cancer in Washington and was both a university professor in Sydney, Australia. Kidman had started taking ballet lessons at the age of three years and Australia entered a theater school for youth. His father worried that she and her younger sister they had a good physical condition, so that made them do calisthenics every morning. At 16 years (in 1983) Kidman began her acting career when he intervened in a film set at Christmas, Christmas Bush, which is often projected in the Christmas season. When her mother ill with breast cancer, Nicole Kidman dropped out of school, but once her mother recovered, she resumed her acting career.Throughout the eighties appeared in numerous films and television series in Australia. In 1988 was released in Europe and the United States with the film Dead Calm, yet filmed in Australia, and co-starring the actor Sam Neill, also Australian, and with his next movie, U.S., Days of Thunder, in who played a role alongside Tom Cruise. The following year she married Tom Cruise on Christmas night, in a Rocky Mountain in Colorado. Initially, the wedding was kept secret. The couple adopted two children, Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony, and lived between Los Angeles, New York and Colorado. Kidman had already attained fame, and demonstrated his acting skills and elegance in the following films, in which he performed with such popular actors as Bruce Willis and Dustin Hoffman. In 1998 she starred alongside Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic, based on the novel by Alice Hoffman.In 1999 she and her husband made Eyes Wide Shut (Eyes Wide Shut), which would be the last film directed by Stanley Kubrick, and had a great resonance. A few years later, in 2001, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise divorced amicably. According to some sources the main reason was that Cruise insisted on educating their children according to the beliefs of Scientology (founded by Ron Hubbard), while Kidman wanted to be educated according to Catholic tradition. Also in 2001 participated in a duet with British singer Robbie Williams covered the song Something Stupid by Frank Sinatra. The song was a huge success in Europe being No. 1 in several countries. The higher occupational status was obtained hitherto Kidman in 2002, when he was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actress for her role in Moulin Rouge!. With the thriller The other, led by Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar, shot in the same year, also won a major success.He had to resign to take part in the film Panic Room due to a knee injury incurred during the filming of Moulin Rouge, but in 2002 she won the Oscar for Best Actress for her portrayal of the character of the writer Virginia Woolf in The Hours (The Hours).

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