In his major work, De Occult philosophy libri three, printed in 1531, collected all the knowledge about medieval magic, astrology, alchemy, medicine and natural philosophy and what support theoretically. Renowned scholar and protected by various reigning houses or noble, was a friend of many of the great philosophers and their time. For a while he was serving the emperor Maximilian I, Carlos I of Spain, as historiographer, and the latter’s rival, Pope Clement VII.
He was in the best-known universities in Europe of his time as a student and as a professor of Hebrew and philosophy. In his time came to become a landmark in the flow animist, ignoring the empirical knowledge and defending the theory, holds the world as a whole organic led by a universal spirit. Later abandon all its theories, saying the vanity of all knowledge and the validity of the Bible.
Their ideas and dedication to the study of the occult sciences forced him to live in a constant exodus to be persecuted in several countries. During his pilgrimage to Germany, France and Italy work as a theologian, physicist, lawyer and soldier.
In his concept of the world combined on the Neoplatonism renaissance with the Kabbalah, that is what was meant in his time under the concept at the non-Jewish intellectual circles. This is just a

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