Amino acids make up muscles and tissues. For athletes and bodybuilders, they are therefore the ideal food supplement and nutrition more people pay attention to their health. This includes also the diet, such as e. B.-building amino acids next to the correct form of the movement. Bodybuilding is this only for what it is.

Who needs the right food to his training, which should use proteins for this purpose, these consist of amino acids. The daily training for bodybuilding benefited because demonstrably shorten the phases of regeneration and funded the building of muscles. Bodybuilding has been exercised by many men and women amino acids and bodybuilding in the 1980s. The trend is more to the health sport now, but you can find some parallels between the two sectors of activity. Who wants to be successful in the sport, which should take advantage of this by amino acids. Bodybuilding participants were generally good customers for such products. First of all you must hold that proteins contained in many foods.

These include mainly dairy products, meat, fish and eggs. These proteins consist of long-chain amino acids, which are essential for the human body to act really 100%. For this reason, many athletes already use amino acids. Bodybuilding represents only a division of the sports in which it reverts to these beneficial elements. But also endurance athletes such as joggers, swimmers, or those who operate Ball sports, use the possibilities of protein. In addition, you should take care of course also on the supply of all other necessary nutrients such as fats and carbohydrates. But also vitamins are necessary, as well as minerals and trace elements. All these substances can buy consumers today packed in solid or liquid form in the health food store or pharmacy. Still you should eat always fresh food. This can be fruit and vegetables, meat, milk, yogurt or cheese. Amino acids in dietary supplement Still used just under the athletes increasingly to food supplements. At least 70% of the athletes spend monthly more than 50,00 euro for such high-quality additives, which are then also usually daily consumed. Who don’t know exactly which product for him personally also seems suitable, should inform themselves accurately in advance and compare the individual article. A study of the ingredients is therefore also in the Internet, many buyers are looking for and buy their products in an online store. There, you can order all goods and home can be send. Amino acids in medicine not only for athletes, amino acids are an ideal food supplement. Also in the orthomolecular medicine and prevention, amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals play an important role. Cysteine and Histidine, for example, promote the development of healthy and beautiful hair and nails. The amino acid of carnitine promotes fat burning and so effectively helps with weight loss. Lee marks describes an additional similar source. The amino acid arginine is given the 21 proteinogenic amino acids, which contains the highest amount of the special molecule of N (nitrogen). In addition to the bodybuilding arginine is used therefore to treat atherosclerosis and erectile dysfunction. Xinchang, nutritionist

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