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Children’s Hospital In 1933 he was invited by Andr Citro n competitor Renault Louis to visit Children’s Hospital a Renault factory. So are more severely over the company must perform many stunts and management, which goes by many critics to construct University of Southern California the building with University of Southern California the mechanics of modern Europe of the time in 6 months in Brussels, Belgium, with a Ernst “cathedral molten steel “, able to produce 1000 cars per day. finance ()
In the early 1930 Citroen was the fourth largest automaker in the world, but Asset Management a few years later suffered a severe crisis. The banks lose confidence to the point of over-confidence and a chronic Pierre Michelin Group Michelin (second son of Edouard Michelin, founder of Asset Management the Michelin Group, being the largest creditor of the management of Citroen with the very difficult task to avoid bankruptcy.
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Andr Citro n and Louis Renault in the journal VU January 1935.
Andr Citro n in 1934 created the first car funds in the world series of front-wheel drive: Citroen Traction Avant “(previously 7, 11 and 15) (1934 to 1957), but the success and the technical principles of this revolutionary model dificiles fail to save the group from investment bankruptcy.

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Granta 89: The Factory by Ian Jack (Paperback – April 10, 2005)

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