considers Colombian Exports

AP – Bogota (AP) – An unemployed truck drivers on Monday entered its fifth day and spokesmen for the unions warned that producers articles export such as coffee began to become stranded due to lack of transportation to ports.

In today’s global age, when the entire world is one global village, many occurrences around the globe influence markets in other countries, and if the incident is of major significance, then it will greatly effect global markets. , investment manager, fiscal analyst and member of the boards of many concerns, is only too aware of this fact. As a previous governer of Amex (The American Stock Exchange) he has certainly seen how internal US events as well as those international events outside of America’s borders may effect the markets, indices, countries’ budgets and investor confidence.

Investor confidence is an integral factor in the markets’ behavior, and successful business leaders, among them, take note of this, and they themselves may contribute to overall confidence in the markets.

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