Coronary heart disease and blood pressure

Many coffee drinkers are familiar with the nervous condition that occurs when you take too much caffeine. We know, according to current scientific knowledge, that coffee acts positively on the cardiovascular system, but the mechanism of action remains unknown, on the other hand, the cafe has an effect hypertension, and discourages their use to patients affected by severe or chronic cardiovascular disorders. I prefer to use for core training. However, it must be borne in mind that a recent study suggests an effect antihipertensor of green coffee beans on an animal model of hypertension .
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study in 2004 that attempted to discover that they conflict with the beneficial and harmful effects of coffee. The study concluded that coffee consumption is associated with significant increases in biochemical markers of inflammation. this is a harmful effect of coffee on the cardiovascular system, which may explain why coffee has been shown so far that only helps the heart rates of four cups (600 ml) or less per day.
A study from Harvard carried out for 20 years over 128,000 people and published in 2006 concluded that there was no evidence to support the idea that coffee consumption increases the risk of acute coronary syndromes. The study, however, showed a high correlation between coffee consumption and high levels of exposure to other coronary risk factors like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and lack of physical exercise. The result is applicable only to coffee filtered through filter paper, which includes coffee boiled and express, for example.

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