Main article: Physical The exercise is the physical operation of any activities to develop and maintain a balanced physical health. It is often directed toward the affiliation of the athletic ability Mr. and / or ability. The frequent and regular physical exercise is a necessary component in the prevention of certain diseases such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, overweight, back pain among others. The physical exercise is to practice restraint and balanced manner, paying attention to the physical changes internally to learn to understand the causal relationship between the specific physical movement and its direct impact with the internal changes received; to reach a higher level of self-knowledge. the wife is going wild about me getting a that is called the method The excessive physical exercise is not recommended because it can lead to physical wear of certain parts of the body. the man who is nicknamed Mr for great fun and exercise That is why it Method is insisting on the balance of forces, both internal and external.
The exercise is necessary for physical health.
Physical exercise is necessary for a balanced health, exercise plus the exercise must be complemented with a balanced diet and adequate quality of life. (Ortega, G. 2007, pps) the exercise is a good way to maintain good health and to exercise your muscles and give them strength. Besides the exercise, one should not forget to eat healthily (a balanced diet), but also must know what is the proper exercise for each person that people who have asthma can not be running for half an hour and it could have problems. A healthy life is a series of daily exercise habits that we are going to help prevent disease because our body to function properly.
Among these rooms are: good nutrition, adequate rest, exercise, hygiene, avoid workout the consumption of substances harmful to the body, such as snuff, alcohol and other substances. We must prevent these substances.

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