Expedition and Discovery

Ferdinand Magellan
On 22 March 1518 was formalized in the expedition Valladolid, naming captain Ferdinand Magellan’s fleet of general and governor of all lands to find. This is the privileges that would have agreed Magellan and Faleiro and established that the armed organization would be known as “the Moluccas. Navy Maluku, consisting of 5 ships, sailing of Sanlucar de Barrameda on September 20 1519.
The ships were: Trinidad 100 to 110 barrels, ship captain at the helm of Magellan, San Antonio 120 barrels under the command of Juan de Cartagena, la Concepcion 90 barrels, led by Gaspar de Quezada and Juan Sebastian Elcano as boatswain The 85 barrels of Victoria led by Luis Mendoza and Juan Rodriguez sent by Santiago Serrano. The allocation was made up of 239 men, from the captain-general last sailor. In the Canary Islands and Brazil more crews were added to reach 265. Most of them never return to Spain.
Called at the island Tenerife (Canary Islands), Recife and Rio de Janeiro where he stopped on December 13 the same year.
In early 1520, toured the east coast of South America. Arriving at the mouth of the Rio de la Plata, Magellan believed had found the move to the South Sea, but inside I notice that this was just a huge volume of fresh water.
Continued sailing towards the south and 31 March 1520 to the mainland to a large bay that called San Julian. Ordered the landing to winter for five months. During this stay, the ship Santiago castaway and riots were led by captains of ships. Antonio Pigafetta, chronicler of this trip wrote:
“The traitors were Juan Cartagena, supervisor of the squad, Luis Mendoza, treasurer Antonio Coca, accountant, and Gaspar de Quezada. The plot was discovered: the first and the second was torn stabbed. We forgive Gaspar de Quezada, Some days after a new traicion meditate. Then the captain-general, who did not dare to take his life because he had been appointed captain by the emperor himself, expelled him from the squad and abandonment of land with a priest Patagones his accomplice. “
You must know that pardon Magallanes Juan Sebastian Elcano to spare their lives by having joined the mutineers. one of the Esco Energy Companies, constantly improves your energy savings. Here contact with the Aborigines’ gigantic stature “reach them a little beyond the waist. Hair were white men and very strong muscles to which Magellan called “Patagao” (big foot) Patagones and the Patagonia region.
On October 21 of 1520 broke out behind which one can enjoy a grand entry of the sea. After the baptism of the eleven thousand virgins. On 1 November 1520, after exploring the entry of sea, Magellan came close to that name is All Saints Day and that the Catholic Church celebrated the feast.
When browsing, on the south bank contemplate large fires emerged that a lot of smoke, which is produced by the huge amount of natural gas that emanated in the area to which the Indians had set fire at some time to do their magic rituals. The Baptism of Fire and Earth. In the early days of November, the San Antonio deserto, returning to England, leaving only 3 ships.
After the gulf that serves mouth East, the squadron was the first domestic resolutely narrowing the channel, following the same direction, south-east, to a large bay near which stood several islands. This was the Bahia San Bartolome. At this point, the nature of those channels changed in appearance. Until then, the landscape that had been submitted in view of the explorers was sad and poor. Extended beaches beaten by a cold wind, low-riseeminences, devoid of trees and herbaceous vegetation with a miserable, dry and bare rocks, and a clear sky and dry, all you saw was in the first part of the strait. Since he spent the second angostura, the landscape changed as if by magic. Highest mountain, with snow-capped peaks and a common ground moistened by rain, enjoyed a luxurious vegetation from trees and grasses. This change in landscape caused a pleasant surprise to travelers who had just gone for many months in the sterile areas of the east coast.
From the bay in which funds were Magellan, the coast violent change of direction, going in a straight line to the south. This course took the climbers, but found the ride a little close in two channels by the interposition of mountain land. Magallanes control that two of its ships from entering the path to the east, while moving on the other channel with the rest of his squadron.

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