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Who plays with the idea of starting a business, must be aware that social form of efficiency and cost reasons, is best suited. On the German side, for example, are the limited liability company (LLC) or the Civil law association (GbR) to choose from, with all its advantages and disadvantages that arise from the capital expense and liability. For these reasons and more companies are opting only for a Limited Company or Limited Company (Ltd abbreviated. PVPV) to. It is possible, since the European Court of Justice ruled in 2002 that also forms of companies of other EU member states are allowed. 30,000 companies in Germany alone have exercised this option and for the Ltd.. decided. The key advantage is that in Britain the usual bureaucracy in this country has been significantly reduced. Nevertheless, of course, apply to companies based in Germany, even if they claim to be British societyallowed, all tax and other duties as the entry in the Commercial Register. To the status as a limited necessary formalities and requirements in terms of budgets and reports to be reclaimed in the UK, you can easily outsource as an entrepreneur. Companies that have focused on the Limited as a form of society, not only provide assistance in the establishment, but also undertake any other tasks that occur. At the personal side, they represent the Company Secretary as the contact person, inter alia, for the English Companies House. They also provide the necessary legal domicile of choice in England is conducted on all correspondence. Most of these are for office services that ensure the reliable transmission of the post. It is crucial that we all obligations that exist on the part of the British company is making. The necessary information and forms are the players, who accept the creation of the Limited, which is in contrast to not thousands GmbHEuro will cost, but with a much smaller financial effort.

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