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Sunday passed Jaime Bayly in their program El Franco shooter interviewed the son of the Mayor of Metropolitan Lima Luis Castaneda Losio and this is what happened in this interview: after greeting to all your viewers by father’s day, presented Luis Castaneda Pardo, son of the current Mayor of Metropolitan Lima, as a gift for this significant date. He is currently Councillor for the municipality of La Molina and is postulating for Alderman of the Mayor of Lima, in the list of Lourdes flores. After talking about the family meeting of Lucho Castaneda son, with his dad, (because the is separated from his wife) entered the political issue. Since 2007 Lucho Junior is Alderman of La Molina until 2010. At age 21 he became a Councillor, and was about to graduate from UPC. In the list of Lourdes is in place nine. And on the assumption that WINS Lourdes, enter the 21 first on your list.

Bayly asks: do you think that your dad will support Lourdes, (as what? did in previous years) now that you are on your list? He replied that as solidarity party have decided not to participate in these elections, because an entire project of national interest is seeing, and why that is given freedom to all militants in sense of license. At one point in the interview Jaime would drop the idea of the solidarity party is like a monarchy. But rather than fight Junior tells him that it is a matter of tradition. The father of Lucho Castaneda Pope, was Mayor of Chiclayo. Then asks: do you think that your dad is falling in the polls by the issue of the Metropolitan? He replied that he doesn’t believe in polls, but rather tells him at this stage of implementation of the Metropolitan the acceptance by his dad will drop, but when you are already implemented, acceptance will be favorable.

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