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Depression appears frequently in the initial stages of the disease and can respond to antidepressant treatment. Along with this, it is convenient that the patient be stimulated, to have mental and physical activities according to their status. Finally, family must learn to take care of that patient, should be aware of the risks involving dementia and how to avoid them, and also learn to become aware of their own charge and stress. RESEARCH line proposal made a few weeks, appeared in Great Britain lost a young man, who did not seem to realize what was happening to her around. They asked him if he knew what had happened to him, if he was well but did not respond and seemed scared. The staff of the health centre which was transferred could not patient to speak. Finally, a nurse handed him a paper and a pencil.

Young drew with all detail a grand piano. The doctors showed him this instrument to try that I remember. The Castaway sat front keys and, to the surprise of physicians and the rest of the staff of the hospital, began to interpret music. An amnesiac can stay without a single memory and, however, not to lose the ability to communicate or play a musical instrument, as in this case. The case of the piano man makes us ask ourselves many questions about the fragility of the human mind and its complex operation, which today are not yet sufficiently answered. He can’t remember his name, but you can play beautiful melodies. The motor learning consists of different processes of acquisition of skills or motor skills, of what we might call Motors habits, which can range from simple stimulus-response habits, how to play the piano. The motor learning researchers think that these skills are based on starting up Motors programs learned, that they would be mental representations of the sequence of movements that the subject should be.

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