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Lead a healthy life and maintain a stable weight today, is not an easy task. If we look around us we can easily noticed the increase in people with overweight and obesity. For many years believed that obesity was the result of unwillingness to control the food and was not considered a disease. Today this proven that obesity is a disease and affects thousands of people in the world, has become a pandemic and is becoming more common to find people and included children with obesity. To control your weight with health and avoid falling into a severe malnutrition is necessary and indispensable to a diet with high nutritive value, eating sufficient quantities, you also need to eat multiple times a day to keep an accelerated metabolic level. The weight should be controlled through healthy diet, which must include all kinds of foods, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Ideal for for kept slim is include lean proteins in the diet, eating carbohydrates during the morning, and not conbinar many ingredients, you should always opt for an alimeto of the Group of proteins and a group of carbohydrates food, grab that your want and eat free-shaped but not combines more than one food’s proteins group not more than the Group of carbohydrates, the two who chose comelos in quantities that you want. Finally do not forget include fiber in your daily diet to maintain a healthy balance and get a slender and beautiful body, the fiber has miraculous properties to control weight, since it helps to burn fat. Absorbs fat and then undone, seeks to include foods high in Soluble fiber and insoluble, also you can opt for fiber tablets before each meal tomato two or three tablets.

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