Health Does Not Have Price

Recent studies around the world demonstrated that modern life has been significant cause for diseases arise. Stress is a cause of many health problems. Since the constant state of anxiety causes problems in the central nervous system, the cardiorespiratory and depression which annually increases the number of suicides. The shortcomings in the power and the proliferation of preservatives and hormones in food has caused cancer and other degenerative diseases. Degenerative diseases are caused by the proliferation of radical free inside the organism, due to excess of conservatives in packaged foods and hormones and pesticides that are added to the agricultural products, meat and vegetables. This in vogue currently offer the ingestion of antioxidants, vitamins of food supplements and natural origin which has been also shown to reduce the harmful effects on the body. How much are you willing to pay to maintain their health or for having a better quality of life. Write me original author and article source.

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