Jakob Fugger financial

Jakob Fugger financial statements with its principal accountant M. Schwarz. As background dossiers listed the names of branches of the Fugger house: Rome, Venice, Krakow, Lisbon, Innsbruck, Nuremberg, etc.. The financial statements, also called financial statements, financial reports or annual accounts are reports that use the institutions to report the economic and financial situation and the changes it undergoes the same to a date or period. This information is useful for the administration, managers, regulators and other stakeholders such as shareholders, crors or owners. Most of these reports is the final product of accounting and are prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted accounting standards or financial reporting standards. The accounting is carried out by certified public accountants, in most countries, must register with agencies or private control to practice.The financial statements are the most important tools available to organizations to assess the state in which they occur.

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