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Laverne De Fazio (Penny Marshall): Laverne grew up in Brooklyn with his parents, Italian immigrants, and his grandmother, Laverne and his father then moved to Milwaukee, after the death of the mother. Laverne, then I met Shirley, who became her best friend and your roommate. It is known to be the most cynical of the two. It considers itself a realistic person, and sees his life as it is. “That is, this is our life” is the motto of Laverne. One of the favorite activities of Laverne is trying to conquer the Pueto sailors along with its neighbor, the elder Ms. Colchek. Laverne is also a fan of TV show Sea Hunt and enjoy the movie in 3-D monsters, such as The Bride of Bwana Devil. Milk and Pepsi are the favorite drinks of Laverne (Penny Marshall drank Pepsi in real life, so it added to his character). Together with its polleras, a way of recognizing the style of Laverne is the letter “L” engraved on their sweaters and their polleras (another idea of Marshall).
Shirley Feeney (Cindy Williams): Shirley Wilhelmina Feeney is the most positive of the two. With rosy cheeks to show his personality, Shirley never leaves things on the fly. They also tend to be family oriented, while Laverne is leaving more and more athletic than her friend. One of the most prized possessions of Shirley’s “Boo Boo Kitty, a cat with long hair that tends to sit beside his bed. His favorite song is “High Hopes” by Frank Sinatra, which appears in many episodes, usually used by one of the girls to raise the morale of the other. Shirley, later became a big fan of the idol of teenage girls, Fabian. Have a overprotective mother named Lily (Pat Carroll) who moves to California, and an alcoholic brother sailor named Bobby (Ed Begley Jr.). In Episode 32 “Friend, Give me a Father” (which premieres on February 15, 1977, Shirley’s father, Jack Feeney, is personified by Scott B. Shirley adores his nieces, nephews and cousins, who are never seen, and “album of photos from the Feeney family.” In the early episodes of the series, Cindy Williams wore a hard accent for her character, but then it was softened. (Emphasis specialist had previously been used by Williams in an advertisement for sunglasses.)
Kosnowski Lenny (Michael McKean): A Polish man adorable, but that bothers Laverne and Shirley, along with his best friend and roommate Squiggy. Lenny works as a truck driver in the Shotz brewery, and was reared by his father after his mother left. Lenny when I try to have the words “Lobo Solitario” embroidered on the back of his red jacket, a mistake I leave with the words “Un Lobo” Laverne was kind enough to fix the seam with one of his letters “L” , who used all his clothes. Lenny said that, although not completely sure this is Kosnowski name means “Help, there is a pig in my kitchen!” in Polish.
Andrew “Squiggy” Squigman (David Lander): It is the most obnoxious of the group. Squiggy works and lives with his childhood friend, Lenny. Grew up with parents, a couple little careless, and often is seen planning to become rich and successful in some way evil. For some reason, collects moths, embalmed and kept an iguana named Jeffrey. Squiggy, like Lenny, loves chocolate flavored drink Bosco Chocolate Syrup, and every time you go somewhere, yelling ” HOLA!”.
Frank De Fazio (Phil Foster): The father of Laverne, nadido in Italy, is called a local Pizza Bowl, which serves pizza, beer and, of course, to play bowling in the city of Burbank, California. A frequent joke with the character based on his Italian accent, which sounds whisper, almost between teeth. Although it can be tough and lose their temper, really has a heart of gold. Laverne loves a lot, having been the only parent for many years, often called his daughter “Pastelillo.
Carmine “The big Ragua” Ragusa (Eddie Mekka): The high school boyfriend of Shirley, and their romance is somewhat unstable. The occasional female company Carmine is a rich divorcee named Lucille Lockwash, which makes you feel jealous of Shirley. “The big Ragua” is a part-time boxer, owner of a dance floor, and working to become a great singer and dancer. In the final episode of the series, auditions for the musical Hair, the paper for winning the famous Broadway play.
Edna Babish (Betty Garrett): Edna, the cook, who eventually married Laverne’s father, occasionally going to dance and sing in the competition for talent in the neighborhood brewery. Edna was eight divorces, and divorce from Frank is also on the end of the series. In one episode, is presented to the teenage daughter of Edna, Amy.

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