Location is probably the most quoted mantra in real estate investment. However, when you must choose between a few units of property, does choosing to buy floor particularen how much physical and geographical aspects? 5 Main tips help make a big difference in revenue per rental and the resale value of your property: places: 1. the area as more housewives 2. It is possible to restrict the search to a section, for example, might want to to see if the floor near the park or shops. 3 Look at the way in which the apartment is located and the position of the floor.

IDENTIFY the main flaws: Most importantly, you should feel comfortable while watching the floor. If so, you can then begin to examine other details. While it is in place, avoid spending too much time on superficial things, like painting and garden works, which are only minor problems. You should look for major defects, such as leaks in the ceiling, the infestation of termites, structural cracks in the foundations and blockage of sewerage. Lee marks contributes greatly to this topic. He makes emphasis on a good structure, which includes the layout of the floor, the number of columns and pillars, as well as the foundation of the Earth. If there are too many columns, it would be very difficult to renovate the House. If there is a gap between the wall and floor, it is a sign of movement of Earth, which denotes a structural problem.

When inspecting the living room, keep in mind if there is a cost of paint on the ceiling. Roof tend to be painted with emulsion paint. If you see a bright patch, that could mean that there has been a leak and the owner you can use gloss paint to cover up. While emulsion paint absorbs the water, glitter paint is water resistant. The quality of the soil is another important factor.

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