Music – Balm For The Ear And Soul

Each of us surely knows the feeling: the favorite song is heard on the radio, and immediately immerse in a beautiful memory, or is suddenly and completely at peace in the world. Why do we need the music Well, music has been around since there are humans. Let us imagine our ancestors as they sat in a circle around the campfire and a drum suddenly began to … we humans react to sounds, and rhythmic tapping makes vibration in our body. Whether it was already popular music has given is questionable – you can not prove it, yes. It is clear, at least, that this primitive people music as courtship rituals – that is to mate selection – served. Are we men are born musical Yes, because in the womb, the infant learns to understand sounds. Songs that are already being sung during the pregnancy and often heard, recognize the baby after birth. Classical music, especially Mozart, is to be very popular with babies and even enhance health. Music makes clever! Children who are musically trained and a toollearn to have in most cases, better grades in school. Why is that Anyone who plays an instrument knows how difficult it is beginning to play notes. This requires a high degree of concentration and perseverance – and you learn to focus and abandon not the same. The child plays in an orchestra or sing the chorus, then the team skills will be trained, because it must coordinate with the other players. Music acts on the imagination and the entire human feeling. As mentioned earlier, music can also cause mood. So also “every year”. Throughout the Christmas songs sounded on the radio. And it is something out there is bitterly cold or even snow, it actually comes to Christmas spirit. In the supermarket, you can then reaches into a festive mood perhaps to one or another product that would probably not be purchased without the manipulative music in the background. Another good example of this type of manipulation is the TV: There is hardly a commercial or feature film, in which no musicoccurs. Here, too, will produce the music in the background of a particular mood, or contribute to an already tragic situation even more dramatic. Who likes it here still surprising that the power of music can actually serve as a form of salvation. There are so-called music therapy, which are primarily in the context of other therapeutic methods used as adjunctive therapy. Especially with psychosomatic illnesses can achieve good results, as patients learn their feelings with music – to express a kind of communication – and deal with it. Relaxing music also helps very well. Thus, there are already commercially dedicated music buy CDs, for example, may be useful to the yoga exercises at home. Anyone who has trouble falling asleep, which is meditation music to be a useful aid. Every man’s heart beats for a certain type of music. And that’s a good thing, because that makes the world more colorful and lively.

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