Openbravo Comunity ion

Openbravo Comunity ion is an open source implementation of the ERP business management for companies of small and medium size. The data structure of the application is based originally on an old version of Compiere, project which does not maintain any compatibility. Openbravo is an application client / web server written in Java. It runs on Apache and Tomcat and database support for PostgreSQL and Oracle. It is currently available in Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian and French. Openbravo application initially created based on the Compiere code and others, a practice known as carry a fork or fork. Openbravo Community ion is licensed under the Openbravo Public License Version 1.1 ( “OBPL”), which is an adaptation of the free license Mozilla Public License. The Network version code is not published and is not entirely under that license, but there are various parties with proprietary licenses.Openbravo Licenses OBPL applies also some other restrictions that make it incompatible with the GPL.

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