Order of political parties.

Hello, all matches are sorted with respect to the percentage obtained in the 2006 presidential election, with the exception of AD and Project Venezuela, which even if not involved are probably within the first 15 games.
Delete the term “neo” in the description of the tendency of the National Command of the Resistance is a term given to tendentious and infundamentado
Similarly remove the term “neoliberal” because until now there is no party that self-Venezuelan qualify as such, are at best self rated center-right or as a Liberal.
I think that order of lists of political parties is somewhat arbitrary and unreal, no one says a career choice for a party. AD appears in the print medium as a party behind insignificant as we should be to summarize the trajectory of each party and ordered by its historical significance and not just electoral or better based on the results of the presidential past I do not what I do because I will reverse the cegato always. I continue with more examples Caura The R is a most important part of your journey and the unknown microchiripero Popular Alternative Directory or the staff of First Venezuela. The Communist Party is always a medium-sized party despite its historical importance, for its election performance ever. Proyecto Venezuela remains important why is not the first ‘but has refrained from previous presidential elections. Anyway fatal fatal this article and its list .– 22:04 31 July 2007 (CEST)
I look between the response of Tomatejc ( disc. contr. Bloq .) And the anonymous, by referring explicitly to my reversion, now the reason for the reversal is clear, political parties are organized according to the results the last election, (work done by JRB ( disc. contr. bloq .)), and I agree they are well, maybe if you expand the article discussing the “History of political parties” would agree to put in a higher place to the traditional parties, but the context tells us that no longer are the same as before, or the Cause, is what it was in 1994 AD and is the same as was in much of the twentieth century, so ( disc. contr. bloq .) ceases to mourn for my reversals that what you really want to discuss is that your party is not in a position high, saludos Oscar (talk) 03:37 1 ago 2007 (CEST)
Dear anonymous, the problem is that this list reflects the size of the parties at this time. Democratic Action was an important part of his time, but at this time and is no longer an important part of their activism to migrate to a new time, maybe the AD can get that militancy in the medium term, but are not currently a party large (or even a medium size). It is probably true that no Directory Popular Alternative Party is a medium, but taking into account that are fused in several small parties understand that the medium was added. Sorry, but La Causa R is a party that is very close to extinction (MAS also going down this path), in any case I think it should be at a higher level than the Directory Popular Alternative, would be at most two among the small parties. Proyecto Venezuela I do not think is really medium, it has almost become a regional party, which obtained a good result in 1998 does not mean that 9 years later still have a medium strength nationally.
I also have my differences with regard to the list of medium and small parties, but I think none of us has doubts that the large parties are correct. To solve the problem of medium and small scale may seek an assessment with which everyone, although it is now important to clarify that this schedule should take into account only the last elections, and should not give a size that matches a dummy currently very small. I look forward proposals. Greetings. Talk to Tomatejc vegetable Need abiblio ’01:18 1 Aug 2007 (CEST)
On the problem of the order of political parties can hardly do otherwise than by the results in the last election, although in some cases it is obviously not change significantly as when the opposition in elections for the National Assembly, however, I do not think major changes are needed maybe AD may be the only party which could be put in the section of large and medium-large in the last place, but other cases such as La Causa R, Bandera Roja , Alianza Bravo Pueblo eg micro games are, some may have a presence in the media or at some time the results were good games but they are not reaching middle.

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