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The end of the year is usually the ideal time of year to decorate House and rejuvenate our housing, and thus begin the new year with renewed vigor, change a little air, and recharging the batteries. When we think about changes in our House, one of the biggest fears is that the costs will begin to increase without control, but this should not be so and, if not, look at these videos of the IKEA Youtube Channel. We provide on this occasion some simple tricks that change the face of your House, without passing to perform major works. Relocate your furniture. First thing you should do is to empty the room that you want to rearrange. Remove until the last piece of furniture. This may be the ideal opportunity to renew the colors of the walls, or retouch those areas exposed to friction.

Now, take pen and paper and as precise as possible to the fourth, a plane according to openings. Mark the locations of step, where you may not place furniture or other obstacles, and give free rein to your imagination. Sometimes, less is more. If some furniture does not comply with more purpose than the gather dust, or it is impractical or useful, put it aside without further delay. There is nothing more attractive than a clear room, where the floors you can see and enjoy a feeling of spaciousness and luminosity. Optimize those corners that do not routinely used. For example, the hollow under a staircase can be the perfect place for a small dresser or desk, where support correspondence and plan the finances of the House.

Be alert in face of possible offers. Occasionally, with very little money but lots of imagination and creativity it is possible to achieve those strategic parts that wear throughout a room by themselves. A clear example of this can be a coffee table, that vista and gives presence to the classroom. Think with functionality. What is the primary target of this environment? It is only a step site, receives visitors in or spends most of his leisure time in this space? Do not be lulled into little practical ideas that may seem attractive at first, but that does not they will be for nothing appropriate to the time to live fully the environment. When we think of the decoration, we have to not only contemplate the aesthetic aspects of the modifications that we wish to carry out, but also the functionality of the changes that we propose to carry out.

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