Pasionaria, Relaxing Natural

The passiflora, also called Pasiflora, is a plant of rapid growth, which stems climb and its beautiful flowers live in air. Its fruit is known passion fruit or fruit of passion. The passion fruit has many benefits because of their nutritional characteristics, but the flower of the plant that gives origin also contains multiple active ingredients that can be exploited to perform only an infusion of it.

The flower of passiflora is so beautiful on the outside as inside, because it hides among its petals as flavonoids quercertol, kampferol, and apigenol luteolol and phytosterols as maltol, sitosterol and stigmasterol. In addition to containing these substances with strong antioxidant effect, has essential oils, alkaloids and other compounds that give passiflora analgesic action and relaxing.

By acting as a natural sedative and tranquilizer, passiflora is widely used in cases of insomnia, muscle contracture, stress, nervousness and hyperactivity. Also, can be a great tool to reduce withdrawal symptoms with alcohol, snuff or other addictive substances. His action anxiolytics can be very helpful to complement a plan for weight loss, as it is to calm the anxiety diminish the urge to eat food in people who face stress or nervousness opened the refrigerator in search of help.

In turn, being a plant entirely natural that so far has not registered toxic effects, is also used to administer to children. Such plants rarely use can be very helpful for people who do not know how to relieve their stress and slow down their lives. Of course, this is not a magical plant, ie can only be one more tool among many others of greater importance. So should you try to lose weight, the infusion of passiflora will only be useful among people anxious, but let us not forget that the primary is a balanced and healthy diet that is supplemented with the practice of regular physical activity and adequate rest.

This will also apply for other diseases or situations that probably will not improve without the help of a health professional and other strategies or therapeutic alternatives.

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