Princess KaGu

An ancient Japanese legend says that there once was an old man who lived with his wife. One day he went to a plantation of bamboo shoots to collect, and was there with a bamboo tree that had light in it. And wondered why he felt a great curiosity about what might have inside.
Short bamboo carefully and was astonished to find a beautiful baby on the inside. Decided to pick it up and take her home. Consultation with his wife to do with the baby, and concluded that it was a gift from God. They decided to call the girl KaGu-Hime (Princess of bright light). From that day, whenever the old man cut bamboo, located within the gold, get rich quickly and build a big house.
Several years later, the baby grew to become a nice young man. Everybody knew it was elegant and beautiful. Five Principles came to his house to ask for her hand in marriage. She was reluctant to marry, so they proposed a number of impossible tasks to perform before you get to marry her.
The first part is to bring the chalice of holy Buddha was in India. The second principle was tasked to recover a legendary arm made of silver and gold. The third had to try to get the legendary Tunica made with hair of the fire rat, it is said that in China. Fourth, a shining jewel color to the neck of a dragon. Andalusia last prince, he commissioned a beautiful pussy that swallows kept as a treasure. The princess asked things that no one knew it existed and were very disappointed.
After this, the youth stopped going for some time the old man’s house because everyone was looking for the wishes of the princess. One day, the first man came and brought the bowl of the Buddha that he had asked the princess, but did not go to India as she asked, instead brought a dirty cup from a temple near Kyoto. When the princess saw him, she knew immediately that this was not the cup of Buddha, but it was very old and was made of stone, the cup was that India was always a sacred glow.
The second had no idea where to find a branch of silver and gold, also did not want to make a long trip and he was very rich and decided to order some jewelry. Then he took the gift to the princess. It was so wonderful that she actually thought that was what it had requested and felt they could not escape the marriage with this young man not because jewelers appeared to ask for your money. In this way, the princess knew that the branch was not true, and therefore was not what she wanted.
The third, whom he had asked for the robes of rat hair of fire, gave them a large sum of money to some merchants who were going to China. They brought him a nice skin and said it belonged to the rat of fire. Took him to the princess, and she said “really is a very thin skin. But the hair of the rat no fire burning, even when thrown into the fire. Try it.” And she threw the skin into the fire, and as expected the burned skin in a few minutes, the young man was angry and embarrassed.
The room was very brave and try to find the dragon itself. I surf and lazy for a long time, because nobody knew where he lived the dragon. But for one day, was besieged by a storm and nearly dies. I could not look more to the dragon and went to his house. Back at home, was very ill and was unable to return to Princess KaGu.
The fifth and last of the wanted men in all the nests, and one thought that he had found, but by so fast down the stairs fell and hurt. Even he had in his hand was a shell that had asked the princess, but a tough old bird.
Thus all went wrong, and none could marry the princess. Princess’s reputation was such that one day the emperor wanted to know its beauty. The emperor was fascinated by the girl and asked her to marry him and live outside his palace. But the Princess also rejected his proposal, saying that was impossible because she was not born on the planet and could not go with him. However, the emperor could not forget her and continued to insist.
This summer, every time the princess looked at the moon his eyes filled with tears. His old father wanted to know happened, but she did not respond. Each day that passed over the young man was sad and it always looked the moon could not fail to mourn. The elders were very concerned, but the princess was silent. One day before the full moon of mid-August, he explained that the princess was so sad. Explained that there was born on the planet, but it came from the moon, where he was to return in the next full moon, and that people would get it.
The elders tried to convince her not to leave, but she answered that it should do so.

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