Punsetes – LP

Here is one of my discs of the year, almost from the first moment they heard. And possibly one of the few that I cause admiration and equally bad roll. Because The Punsetes are a group that scrape, probably since its genesis. Let no one expect to find here any topical pop about love or speculating that seem drawn from a number of self-help manuals. The Punsetes living in the same city as you, even in the same village, and removed him to the reality that cachitos discussed with the lens of a microscope.

We first with the music: The Punsetes represent what is the smart remodeling of the darkness of 80, mixed with punk, pop and noise. They are a band with a record that does not sound to 20 years ago, but serves as a model for the younger generation and for those who lived 80 (a decade not so horrible as some have endeavoured to make us believe through their own sins of the past ).

LP is a disc jits dark with sharp guitars and a voice. In reviewing my leave almost all the songs (except the small slump IC) for a possible compilation of the best of 2008: Accidents, Maricas, Pint of tarao Fund Wardrobe, Two policemen, I naturally hear. That someone come here to see if you can match.

And nobody dies or never spoke of the dead. And then there are the lyrics, where everything home. One in which the utopia of not dying never becomes a dystopia of television advertisement. ; Who obliges orders, which forces us to look at those who died in accidents. , which increasingly we descojonamos of misfortune outside through emails with attachments bloody black humor.

The Punsetes, for some strange reason, always pose its gaze on the dark areas of human beings. They are uncomfortable, raspan (as I said before), with a point of obsession with death and entropy as when we are teenagers.
You are looking at the accident,
You like to see the decomposed body of the people.
For a moment what you see makes you aware,
Sweat you slide soft and slow by the forehead.
Then run a commercial center
Where it dilutes the reality
And it is not so easy to think
And forget about death.

With this speech, Los Punsetes give their final chest do not only have to fall in love of the music, but you mixed emotions as sufficient cause to be provided outside of any scene. The brilliant sound and offer what no other group is ready Spanish.

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