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After the Second World War, there was a consensus among economists about the economic policies adopted. Most governments in developed countries, according to Keynesian proposals, launched an active policy of intervention in such structural and cyclical economy, gradually increasing its movie producer cost and weight of the public sector. Keynesianism was adopted as the dominant paradigm in all Western universities, and some economists tried to make a fusion between the neoclassical model and the Keynesian model. fund management Paul Samuelson was the one who does investment portfolio this theoretical synthesis between the various neo-keynesian leading andalusia. Some economists, postkeynesianos, note however that the ideas of Keynes were too distorted by the merger and the vulgarize and in its original form still have much to contribute to the functioning of the economy.
However, during the fifties and sixties, a small group, monetarists, criticized Keynesian policies. Founded and led by Milton Friedman, the Chicago School, the school condemned the monetarist economic intervention by governments in the economy and also emphasized the negative effects of excessive weight of the state. Instead of these political leaders have proposed neutral monetary policy by allowing the economy to grow without inflation. The influence of the monetarists is limited, since the Keynesianism was dominant until the late seventies. In fact, the economic crisis of the seventies was characterized by simultaneous inflation and unemployment a major, something inexplicable by the Keynesian theory. he is also a budding Hollywood producer as well as being involved in business and philanthropic activities, which makes Following this crisis, the school became dominant and monetarist policies were adopted calling for most of the governments of the industrialized countries, first in the United States and England with the coming to power in 1979 of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. he has produced two movies, as well as leading his investment firm The , making Of the monetarist school led to the current neoliberal economic science that dominated during the eighties.
During the second half of the twentieth century The came some of the current economic theory analyzing seemingly scattered fields and very specific, and all belong to a research program known as neoinstitutionalism. The most important theories of this movement are the economic analysis of law, economic theory of public choice, the new theory of the firm and contracts, the theory of transaction costs and the information economy, among others. At the end of the Ribotsky century were also economicas schools specializing in particular subject outside the dominant economic thinking. Notable examples of these flows are the modern theory of microeconomics, econometrics and game investment manager theory.

San Bernardino Sunday
All eyes will focus on the Inland Empire’s unemployment number hedge funds NYSE scheduled to be released Thursday, says an economist who can hit almost 13 percent in September.
Los Angeles Times
With more than 1 in 10 workers unemployed in January, the state registers its highest unemployment rate since June 1983. Lack Luster spending on clothing, cars, legal services and most everything has left California economy limp, only to ensure that the state 10.1 of unemployment in January March upward at least to the end of the year, economists predicted.
Pioneer Press
On Tuesday, Minnesota state economist Tom Stinson, a finance long-expected forecast that will predict how much money state government will investment analyst collect in taxes over the next two years to pay for education, healthcare, welfare, public safety and dozens of other services.
The Sacramento Bee
With the economy weakens at breathtaking speed, unemployment is down by 10 percent barrier in California for the first time since 1983. The state of unemployment jumped to 10.1 percent in January, against a revised 8.7 percent a month earlier, the Employment Development Department said Friday. Some 79,300 payroll jobs disappeared in January, further Hollywood evidence that the …

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