The comparsas and penalties

The first official comparsa is Comparsa “El Trago”, formed in 1970 and is involved in all the parades. It comes from the fusion of the penalty “La Cuba”, which was formed some years antescon Charanga (composed by the musicians). La Comparsa “El Trago” celebrates its first ever dinner Carnaval de San Anton yesterday (January 16), after passing their components to the shrine of the saint to the traditional “round”. her solo career is amazing, making Departing in parades wearing the “cuba with Cuerva” chickpeas “Torr o and ETAS alcag ” offered to all people, like the Comparsa “El Puchericho” which is one of the oldest.
Other early comparsas carnavaleras are “scavengers”, “The Automobile”, “The Iguanas, The Yeperos “,…
By the year 1998, began to include various types of vehicles representative of each sentence in which teams put music to animate the party. Almost all wear.
In the year 1998 was held, the first of Carnival and Punishment of the first meal of them all together was in 2000, with the collaboration of HE. Town Hall. In the latter year there were officially 16 penalties Carnival, its number in the year 2005, approximately 25 sentences.

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