The doctrine arqueosofica

The Arqueosofia is an eclectic form of Christian esotericism that is cabala based on the teachings of western occult (Hermeticism, alchemy, astrology, genuine, Theosophy), as in Tantrism jewish mysticism of India and the Christianity of the Orthodox Church. The early Fathers kabbala of the Church preconciliaria such as Origen and Clement of Alexandria, brought in Christian theology former doctrinal issues arising from the gnosis and the Orient, also zohar a founding esoteric Exegesis of biblical texts, an important element of the synthesis arqueosofica. The Arqueosofia considers man as a complex structure consisting of a series of subtle bodies (ethereal, astral, mental, causal) and a triad of principles different from each other: the spirit, the soul and the soul erodinamica (neologism of Palamidessi) . qabalah These three principles, which appear before the physical birth of the cabbala individual, are the three aspects or ‘centers of gravity’ of the real man or immortal Ego, and are expressed through the subtle bodies called different torah vehicles (the spirit is linked mystical to mental the soul to sepher the astral and soul erodinamica with ethereal). These in turn spiritual correspond to certain centers’ hidden ‘man (chakra) that are visible during the esoteric judaism practice of meditation. Specifically, the spirit is scholem tied to the center front (between the kabbalistic eyebrows), the soul tree of life to the heart center (near the heart) and soul at the center 72 names of god erodinamica baseline (at the base of the spine). Man is a creature in kaballah perpetual evolution and this is done through the metempsychosis: through his causal body, the man goes jewish through the chain of reincarnations, always linked to their own karma. rabbi Man aspires to be ‘absolutely no way “that lies beyond the demonstration judaica sensitive a way binah that kabala is pure power, pure wisdom and pure love. The main instrument of the changes, according to Arqueosofia is occult asceticism. Asceticism (from the Greek for “askesis , religion exercise ‘to’ spiritual tarot discipline ‘) is gematria a relentless pursuit, a struggle for interior refinement, an indefatigable man’s spiritual training who wishes to offer its principles to the harmonious mood service mysticism models and archetypal divine. Asceticism, according to Palamidessi about the creature to the spirituality Creator, red string by encouraging the meditation process of deification that the Fathers of the East called teosis. It then allows the expansion of the “spiritual” (clairvoyance, clariaudiencia, memories of past lives).

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