The Mission Vision of HPA

(from my point of view) HPA is a company, founded by Tn Haji Ahmad Ismail. Its operation began 20 years ago in Perlis, a state in the north of Malaysia. Tn Hj Ismail is a man with great vision, that is to help the ummah. HPA’s products grew from one to 500 products today. HPA mission is to Provide Halal and THOYYIB food to Muslims, especially those living in Malaysia. We have today Witnessed the influx of unhealthy food such as halal qualityburgers dubious, chemical laden and sugar loaded soft drinks and fish balls mixed with pork intestines. In the farms, chickens are given antibiotics Which are also fed with fattening stocks Which is harmful to the pancreas. Worst of all, the chickens are also improperly slaughtered and sold to unsuspecting Muslims. The storage of chicken side by side to non-Halal meat is another matter to be concerned with. In the aspects of Halal and Thoyyib concept, consumer products hygienely must be prepared and made / prepared by the hands of the Muslim. This Is To ensure that the consumer products are always in accordance to the Syariat. The more we support HPA, by buying from her, the more Halal and Thoyyib products will be available far and wide, safe for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. HPA How do you support Buy from any HPA branches or kiosks. For more benefits to the family, sign up as a member today. A lifetime membership for only RM30. HPA has also set up its own Syariah panel consisting of scholars of Islamic subjects.

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