The Passage

It has a compartimentalizao conscience? this is well cartesian? of the social spaces, of the personal relations, the affectivity and also of the urban ones. Fontanella (1995, P. 15), when the construction of the subjectivity of the body argues affirms that ' ' the man since whom he is historical, is dividido' ' , and that the original unit of the man is its past, therefore when he passed, through science to know, to mensurar, to break up e, theoretically, to control the forces of the nature, he started to also divide itself, while constituent element of this same nature. Exactly that many constructed theoretical conceptions through history they had lead in them to the iderio of ' ' gentlemen of natureza' ' , of where we would have to extract its closer secrets, we know not yet it of all and not yet in them we become so gentlemen of it as well as had thought, for us and for us, one day. The philosophy of the Parkour praises the discovery of physical potentialities of conscientious and harmonious form, making with that the practitioner can have a bigger corporal conscience, through the overcoming of the existing obstacles in the passage, and with this to improve its auto-they esteem, transferring this capacity of overcoming to the difficult situations of the daily life, front to the most diverse obstacles, is they which will be. One expects that really it has a relation of the practitioner with and space chosen for the practical one, and that this is not static, cold, unconscious, as if the space did not mean nothing for that corporal experience. In such a way one searchs ' ' reverse speed-significao' ' of the relation with the space, one ' ' reverse speed-encontro' ' of the people with its habitat. for not existing a demarcated space, preset so that the Parkour can be practised, has a infinity of possibilities of corporal experimentations, and that of certain form, it becomes accessible the ones that start to practise it, making possible the development of potentialities as force, resistance, agility, motor coordination, at the same time where develops the concentration, force of will, determination and courage.


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