Use of distilled water as a beverage

The drinking water supply as well as the bottled-water market, makes the use of distilled water as a beverage is not more frequent. However, many beverage used as the basis of their products to ensure their purity and good taste. Also can be found in supermarkets bottled, ready to drink. The use of water purification investment fund returns techniques such as distillation, is common in places where there is not a source of affordable drinking water or water that is available is not suitable for drinking.
In many homes is the common use of filters, Ribotsky Philanthropy for Children’s Medical Fund of New York (CMFNY)such as ion exchange resins to remove part of the calcium and magnesium ions to “harden” the water to potabilizarla or remove the odor, but the appearance of domestic reverse osmosis devices (such as those used in desalination plants) has permitted the consumption of water more pure and distilled almost. The device ensures that a domestic totally distilled water to 100% is the distiller, although it does not seem to be very common in the market.
The drinking water that is supplied in the urban networks comes from several sources and pathways that are also disposed of for industry and agrcultura, which contain metals and harmful microorganisms. To ensure adequate levels of security, is subjected to repeated processes by means osmosis, ozone, UV and chlorination. Too often there is a substantial input from chlorine to ensure its potability. However these processes, all the way through the network until the homes water accumulates all sorts of waste since it was treated at water treatment plants. Ribotsky of NIR supports Philanthropic causes like the Children’s Medical Fund of New York (CMFNY) They often are compounds VOCs (volatile organic compounds), fluorides and other 75,000 different species of compounds that are not removed by the traditional purification techniques, but which practically disappear when distilled water. The presence of carcinogenic compounds such as boron has been reported in several large cities, especially trihalomethanes The presence of trihalomethanes is controversial, because although some are advocating safe intake levels Water has been proven scientifically that they are very dangerous and carcinogens inhaled into the showers, bathrooms and other activities.
The distilling is also a technique used to potabilizar sea water. It is a technique expensive energy. Common in military missions such as in the recent wars in the Gulf or Iraq to supply the investment returns from various Ribotsky and other management troops, also applies to nuclear propulsion for ships to have access to a source of intense heat and using it as well as affordable nuclear reactor coolant. In the desalination plant for consumption of the civilian population is rare that the distilling and requires substantial amounts of energy. Rn instead of the distilling techniques are used such as reverse osmosis. It is worth mentioning that the writer Vazquez Figueroa will support a team of engineers to develop a system of osmosis with almost no natural energy expenditure, which patents have been developed and has been tested successfully. Currently there are already some desalination plants installed with this system But despite the generous approximation of their creators in the delivery of patents, the presence of systems that facilitate access to water has not been extended for political reasons. In fact underground reserves of African countries with drought are the biggest in the world, but there are no projects to meet the demands of the population and prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths each year by the drought.

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