Manual Registration

You need to know how to make correct the search engines and catalog applications. Many providers offer entries in many catalogues. Usually it happens through software that do all applications at a time. It is from the point of view of search engines and the human mind, that arise at a time many links, mostly still with the same description, where before and after any links. But did you know, that search engines determine such applications as unnatural, and best pick up such acts? In the worst case scenario is you kicked out from the index? We avoid in all applications with us over a period of time run since when are various descriptions and link title. This method looks much more natural to the search engines. If always the same title on a page will be shown and this links the same title and in addition from a time, detects the search engine, links as unnatural way to. We have already described the consequences.

Many applications in catalogues and link collections be done by using special software, this software allows but no different titles and descriptions. With us having the ability to define multiple titles, in the context set logon times, acknowledges the search engine that this left as natural. Also the descriptions of the links play a big role, because it otherwise so called double is content (duplicate content) and the search engines ignore, if you’re unlucky it will even punishing that the. With us, you have the ability to use multiple descriptions, in order to avoid this problem. For example, The period is set to 1 day and per cycle maximum 50 registrations should be carried.

6000 applications takes the procedure 3 months. If you have created multiple descriptions, all links are considered natural. Thereby creating not only lots of links, but these are assumed to be natural links in the search engines. Tip! It is very good as an additional measure to other applications, because these applications not only proved, of course prove, but also other applications help to look as natural. You can relax there because not every day must see after your post, to confirm your registration.


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