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Earth OASIS Munich

Monday, February 19th, 2024

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“” Earth OASIS – seminars 2010 – ‘Healing power of South America’ the new EARTH OASIS seminar program healing from South America “10 wonderful healer, shaman, and Curandeiros will take in the next few months” from several sudamerikanischen countries to about 30 seminars and events in all regions of Germany. Our instructors come from Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Argentina and embody – despite all the differences in their teachings and healing kraftvolle healing energy of South America with many indigenous traditions and an enormous wealth of herbs and natural medicine. Don Agustin, the highest ranking Peruvian shaman and his partner come to Dona Marlene from 19 June to 7 healing ceremonies to Germany! This wonderful work on the way to comprehensive healing and health is paired with vitality, Joie de vivre for everyone by value that wants to explore the meaning and importance of its existence, recognize his true life vision and mission and the conscious responsibility for your own health in body, mind and soul, and Creativity. P K’ is an economist, actor, shaman and healer in Greub, lived in Mexico for 10 years. By master shaman, Pascal learned a wealth of powerful techniques. “Many of them have miracles” causes and diseases “cured, where school doctors not knowing more. Also Pascal itself are managed cures that cannot be explained logically.

In Munich Pascal gives in the July workshop the timeless knowledge of the Mayas”the best exercises of his Maya School of cosmic consciousness”. More healers and shaman after the summer break: Teresa Ramarajara, the leading Brazilian media, coming from 28 August to healing and Channelingtagen Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Freiburg. Takiz Marquez, a gifted healer from Peru, with many Heilerfolgen of too serious illness, travels to Munich, Hamburg and Cologne in the autumn to medical treatment. Other highlights of the healing power”events are three outstanding healers who are 2011 invited as speakers to the Munich World Conference ethnotherapies. Get between September and November respectively to Munich and Cologne: Dr Romulo Braschi, charismatic liberation theologian and medical scientists as well as Alicia Braschi, dance therapist and Professor of fine arts, both Argentina. Laura Pacheco, Hampicamalloc (miracle healer) the Mochica tradition, with proven healing abilities at spine, bone and tendon diseases.