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Andrew Corentt

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

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Throughout the years a series of unfounded ideas has been implanted us on diverse subjects, many people adopt those beliefs they take and them to his subconscious mind, soon they undergo feelings of fault by inadequate information and this brings suffering to them. The fact is emphasized that you must live on the basis of certain beliefs, is impossible not to do it, but it knows well what it chooses is not going to be that it undergoes pain unnecessarily, the life must at any moment be happiness and if difficulties exist we must leave them with seriousness, without desperation. Many people begin to undergo pain and a life of suplicios because it has convinced somebody them that they must pass pain, the acceptance sinks to us, is truth that all we spent moments of difficulty but that only must serve us to advance in our human and spiritual development. It eliminates of his life everything it makes what it feel inferior, culprit or victim, you you have been born for the greatness, all the religious beliefs of different type say it, why it is going to live on the best breadcrumbs if it has right to manjares. From now on he meditates on subjects that affects to him more, is hour to think about abundance and beautiful of this plane material and still more, to extend this world, in book I Am Happy, I I am Rico de Andrew Corentt teaches us to know mysteries mind and of world spiritual, you will know that you can take control from its life, that the pain is created by we ourself, does not exist punishment, nor no judgment, except which same you prevail, it librese!