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Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

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The statement …, then reaches out his hand and take also of the tree, and eat, and live forever. And the Lord God banished from the Garden of Eden, to till the land that was taken. It involves placing limits on his life, in other words will now be subject to time. And, as recorded message inspired, human history is a compilation of their temporality. About Eternity or she was never closer to human beings as being created from experience the condition of timelessness, but in the Edenic moment when in the perfection of his state enjoys immunity of the passing of the world process. There is no past to remember or redeem or forget, do not face a future full of uncertainty and yearning for a brighter tomorrow, there is always welfare. Death for man is a concept without much significance or meaning. There is in his mind the idea of not being, not to be.

Its timelessness is an eternity with no beginning or end has a beginning, – its creation, "but no limits on the passing of time. The desire to live always spurs not mind or emotions, do not know the moods of fear, anguish and pain. His spirit does not suffer from the obsession with material things which he thinks to ensure continuity on earth. Is the state of primary or basic needs. In this environment you can not use human biological corporeality as a record of over the years, because the body does not leave its mark.