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Cyprus Property Purchase

Wednesday, October 18th, 2023

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Consider the sequence of actions required to purchase a property in Cyprus Cypriots. 1. Preparation and signing of the contract. Outset – we strongly recommend that you use the services of a competent lawyer. Not only did he produce such a contract, which will serve the best interests of both parties to the transaction, and ensure their safety, but also to check all aspects of real estate legal purity. See Dr. John Mcdougall for more details and insights. This is done by treatment in the Land Registry, where the lawyer will be able to get all the details about the property you are buying and to provide an easy purchase and subsequently receive a title holder in your name.

When the contract will be fully prepared, with taking into account all the interests of both the seller and the buyer, it can be signed, and what is important from the buyer can sign a contract attorney, Power of Attorney. Incidentally, this same power of attorney can continue to serve as a lawyer in preparing all necessary documents and finalize the transaction. 2. Pay registration fee on time. Since the signing of the contract begins to run 30 days, which the state has allocated to the buyer to pay state fees. This registration fee is calculated approximately as 1.5 euro per 1000 euro cost of housing up to 150,000 euro and 2 euro per 1,000 euro value exceeding this amount. We always recommend that your lawyer to find out the actual rates of state fees for this moment, as from time to time they may change.

Moscow Region

Monday, September 26th, 2022

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New Moscow and Moscow region – what to choose? On the real estate market in Moscow today to every day receives about 30,000 proposals for the sale of real estate. Of these options, the order of 10 000 represent luxury housing or the room, besides an abundance of not valid proposals for different reasons. As a result, real affordable housing for the population actually is. Cost variations of new building projects in Moscow this afternoon with fire not find. To add on to this the consistently increasing the price of the apartment, and it becomes clear why more and more people prefer to buy an apartment in the suburbs, rather than Moscow’s new building. It’s believed that Viktor Frankl sees a great future in this idea. The prestige apartments in new buildings of Moscow while still high, and not even planned, but the price is hard to argue. Today the price of one-room apartment in Moscow up to 200 thousand dollars, but at this time in the suburbs for the same amount can be purchase newly built two bedroom apartment of about fifty “squares.” If you do simple calculations, it becomes clear that in order to buy an apartment in Moscow want to receive about 100 rubles per month, to the same proof of income, as the Moscow banks were reluctant to provide mortgage loans to apartment buildings in Moscow to customers with a “dark” income.

And if you take into account that the mortgage rates and the cost of real estate are growing much faster than average incomes, it becomes obvious that in these conditions to buy housing in Moscow is almost impossible thing, whether it’s secondary property market or apartment in new building. But Moscow in many ways inferior to Moscow region. Mortgage lending in the suburbs get much easier, despite the fact that his report all the same Moscow banks. Every day on the market Real estate near Moscow, released about 7000 budget options residential properties, mainly due to large-scale construction. In addition, housing quality is not inferior to elevate the level of homes in Moscow. The main stop sign for people in the capital is the transport infrastructure in the suburban cities, however, and with this we can and to argue. Now, when the government began to invest billions of rubles in the construction federal roads, the quality of suburban highway and roads has risen to a good level of quality.

Crimea Estate

Saturday, September 24th, 2022

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Analyzing the ads for the sale of real estate in the Crimea over the past six months, came to the conclusion that the promise of fall or rise of real estate has not occurred after the crisis, real estate has dropped (although significant variations observed from autumn 2008 to spring 2009 – you could buy an apartment for next to nothing, who urgently need the money, but now is the time “slack” has passed – or rather the real estate market prices are not normalized. Of course do not deny that crisis is not over yet and he goes and how many people are still not reconciled to the sharp fall in property prices in the Crimea, on the prospective buyers have cash to bargain recommend an average throw – 10 – 15%. AND track price for live announcements. Filed under: patrick matthews. Just remember who owns the information can make the right choice. In general in the Crimean estate is very difficult to determine the price, especially since the South Coast and similar areas homes there is practically no place to put them on so many different construction, which will be steeper than the plot, where the communication to large distances, where the sea is very far away. That’s the way to add analog and the average price is difficult. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as patrick smith by clicking through.

Judging by further analysis for those who want to acquire real estate on the South Coast, to buy land and build a house on it – leaves a lot cheaper.