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Socialist Minister

Friday, January 7th, 2022

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At the same time, has announced that they will recover the tax of heritage, only to large fortunes, not for the middle classes. The banks and have also been present, and he has stated that it is time to ask that they devoted part of their profits to the creation of employment. Entrepreneurs have been very present in his speech, and he has promised to be from the chest by entrepreneurs, helping them, for example, with the Elimination of administrative barriers. For this, he gave the example of one of these young entrepreneurs, and has ensured that these are them may not ask results early on, so you have to give them time. At Centene Corp you will find additional information. Equality distinguishes us, we cannot give equal opportunities to all citizens, noted. The General insists that this is the case. On education, after recalling that it spans many areas, it has stated that it is our great instrument. We must speak of dropout, he has asked, since talk of school failure on a boy of 14 years is nonsense, as well as cruel, he said. In turn, it has announced that it will not change any educational laws that are in force, and has alluded to his proposal from the MIR in education, since we have to hire 200,000 new teachers from here to 2020, and need the best.

On health care, has asserted that it will not do anything that weakens our health system, at the same time who has remembered nothing proud more Spaniards than its health care system. Click Glenn Dubin, New York City for additional related pages. About the co-pay, it has been claimed that it would be the ruin of the public health system, and that we will not allow. In the l policy, Rubalcaba has urged that this is clean, but that at the same time believe it, since it is what allows to change things. In this part of his speech, with clear allusions to the 15-M movement, has revealed he likes the German electoral system, with small, closest to the citizen constituencies, and has urged the PSOE to discuss changes in the electoral system, to submit a proposal for a form of our system. The challenge thus corresponds to a veteran, who will turn 60 years old this month of July and treasured in your resume nine years as a Socialist Minister, five legislatures as Deputy and, in addition, experience as sprinter and a doctorate in chemistry, where is a specialist in reaction mechanisms, according to his official biography.

This body has met in the Palacio Municipal de Congresos in Madrid to proclaim to Rubalcaba candidate, just before his first speech as a presidential aspirant this decide to 1,200 militants and guests, among whom is his wife, little given to public acts. It has been a meeting of formality in which the Secretary of organization of the match, Marcelino Iglesias, has submitted a report on the procedure of election of the candidate. The rise of Rubalcaba was claimed by a sector of the party since the PSOE began to sink in the polls (especially following the cuts in May 2010), and began to glimpse on 20 October 2010, when Zapatero made an extensive remodeling of his Government and given to Rubalcaba, Interior Minister since 2006Vice President portfolio and the responsibility of being a spokesman. Source of the news: live continues the discourse of Rubalcaba after being proclaimed the election candidate

Argentine Berlocq

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

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There were viewers who felt cheated. Hey!, one shouted after seeing him dismissing the Argentine Berlocq in the second round 6-0, 6-0 and 6-2 to Novak Djokovic. Give me your racket to me go home happy! I paid $100 for the entry and you haven’t played or an hour and a half. The voice of this amateur was the aria of the soloist among the chorus of followers who have felt that same during 2011. In 2010, Nole only managed a 6-0. So far in 2011, it takes eleven. That is a tremendous brand.

In the 21st century, only the magical 2006 Roger Federer, with 18 doughnuts, resists the comparison. Rafael Nadal, who won in the second round by 6-2, 6-2, and withdrawal of French Mahut, won 11 in 2008 but Djokovic remaining months to overcome him. In New York have already you a nickname: the butcher. Just the opposite of the Spanish: A diesel, they say in their team. Source of the news:: A diesel and a butcher