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Change: A Good Source of Leadership

Wednesday, September 28th, 2022

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Reading Publius Syrus: “There is no pleasure as nice as renewal.” A constant always, everything in life changes sooner or later, everything moves from one place to another whole scenario is changed, any time is altered, all words are subject to being influenced by the use of speakers, everything changes in life to the beliefs, dogmas and passions, everything changes alone the fact that we have to accept the change. Patrick matthews is a great source of information. The only constant in life, go tremendous paradox is precisely the change in the words of Arthur Schopenhauer “change is the only unchanging thing, everything moves, everything moves, everything in life, the world is subject to fluctuations, action events in permanent and constant vibration. We must now ask “where is generated the change?, And who should start? Gandhi us answer these questions without a hint of doubt “We ourselves must be the change you wish to see in the world.” The Mahatma resolve the matter with easy and uncomplicated terms. However, the reality shows and constant opposition surprising that there is, as to speak of change we are referring to uncertainty, instability, risk, danger, unemployment and a number of additional trauma. So in some cases the change is received with little enthusiasm. Some object from the beginning and the torpedo by any means, others envision reach but are still unprepared when it comes and that’s why we are helpless but then manage to react and adapt. Others pick up signals with more time, take precautions, they turn to their lives and activities, and get ahead, happy and empowered pending further changes to which are also prepared.

Equally there are those who do not object or the adjustment, or anticipate, Who are they? Neither more nor less than the “guilty” of the welter. Those responsible for the break with the status quo: they are generators, the drivers of change, the powerful machines that turn the transformations with these people, bold leaders whose initiative the world remains in constant oscillation. It is necessary to discuss the details of the environment in which best moves: its propensity to take initiatives and put them into practice would be bold and courageous manner, the main problem we have said is dealing with resistance to change. Read is a renowned Colombian journalist and writer, a teacher linked to several Colombian universities. He is the author of four books and co-author of three others that address the topic of leadership, ethics and Human Development. It is often invited as a speaker at conferences, forums and other academic events.