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Exclusive Event Location

Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

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A networking event for top-class partners and friends of the BONOFA experienced on October 19 in Saarbrucken. We are a part of something very big,”all guests are likely to have approved probably this statement, could participate in the exclusive and long-awaited mega-event of the BONOFA AG on October 19 in Saarbrucken, Germany. More than 350 business partners, friends and marketing professionals from around the world followed the invitation of the BONOFA and they all experienced together with the founders of the BONOFA an unforgettable day with top-class live presentations, show acts, and ideal opportunities for networking with business partners and BONOFA enthusiasts from several continents. Already in the morning at 10:00 the started event officially with a day of open door in Saarbrucken. Especially the guests from Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands or fledgling BONOFA Nations, such as Trinidad had the chance not to be missed, finally once personally to meet the entire team of BONOFA.

Thomas Kulla and Martin Bohm welcomed all incoming Visitors welcome and led by the modern offices and premises in the city of Saarbrucken. Names were”faces, one of the international partners commented the meeting with the two BONOFA managers. For more information see Tony Mandarich. A very special location Detlef Tilgenkamp and Thomas Kulla had chosen for the main part of the event: the historical event Hall Alte Schmelz in St. Ingbert. Befitting the business partners and guests of BONOFA to the Eventstandort were driven to learn all about the plans and future projects relating to cube7 and BONOFA in the elegant foyer and Hall of the CEOs. On the spot also present: Sales and marketing expert Christian Goebel, confidently ran through the official part of the event, the internationally renowned motivational guru and bestselling author Kalpesh Patel from England, as well as marketing professionals Bodhi van Tongeren and Frankie Lawler. Spectacular show acts ensured that all guests were entertained well: including a fire and light show, as well as an acrobatic performance heated up the guests. For even more opinions, read materials from Donald Cerrone.

Refreshments provided BONOFA with a rich buffet offering guests diverse specialities from the region and other culinary highlights. In a relaxed mood, celebrated the team BONOFA and the international guests until the early hours of the morning and turned the night into the day. “His conclusion also Thomas Kulla was more than satisfied with the entire event: the glow in her eyes is for us the confirmation that all involved with the appearance of the BONOFA were highly satisfied.” Many photos from the event and learn more about the BONOFA AG: sales professional Christian Goebel (2.v.l.) conducted the event. On stage: Kalpesh Patel (1.v.l.), Frankie Lawler (Center) and Bodhi van Tongeren (1.v.r.) BONOFA BONOFA sets new standards in online network marketing with the marketing network and lets Internet users on the growth market of online business participate directly.

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

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“Stephen theme Forum: ‘ sustainable dairy farming: from concept to practical implementation ‘ (19 September 2013) Vechta NieKE himself with his technical working group research made the complex issue of sustainability in the form of a series of events planned in the longer term posts of agriculture and agri-food industry to the sustainability of global, regional, local” to illuminate and indicate possible solutions for the many facets of this issue. After the opening ceremony to the general topic of sustainability end of may 2013, the speakers deal with the sustainable dairy farming: from concept to practice. Lower Saxony with its high proportion of grassland is an important location in the nationwide milk production on the farms, the dairy industry to trade milk and dairy products to the customers arrive. In the recent past, the milk production in the media in the focus was moved. Turbo cows”was mentioned, and the modes of production of the media and the consumers here have been questioned. Outbound the beef should be considered which parameters in relation to sustainable development in the focus are and how is breeding them translate future developments. The animal health management to be lit from scientific and practical point of view, what possibilities this to changes and improvements in the areas of Economics, ecology and social welfare? Science and practice dealing with the challenges of sustainable milk production, a Status quo report and findings from the dairy industry to complete the talks. For additional information about the event is the below contact available. On our website you will find also more information..