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Life Coaching People

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

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They are fighting to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. people with self-esteem are authentic, there is congruence between what they say, think and made. people with self-esteem know ask apologize and admit when they are wrong. people with self-esteem believe itself themselves, they are constantly autoafirmando, know that they can learn, have a positive attitude and openness to life. people with self-esteem are optimistic. people with self-esteem are realists.

people with self-esteem are sensitive to others and their problems. people with self-esteem do not feel victims powerless of the world that surrounds them. They have the capability of venturing in and out of your zone of comfort. people with self-esteem recognize your fears, accept them, integrate and free, to propel itself forward in pursuit of new dreams. people with self-esteem seek inside to try to understand what is happening to your around, i.e. who understand that the circumstances do not create manthey reveal. people with esteem are empathic, i.e. are people who can and know put in the shoes of the other, really involved in the world of the other, which does not want to say that sympathize or agree with that, but really.

comprise people with self-esteem maintain visual contact with the other or others when they communicate, and have a stance balanced and relaxed in your body, from her head to her feet, as a result of its harmony and congruence inside. Finally and not so be the least important pointa person with self-esteem has the courage and the courage to say what he feels, even when expressing her self internal means to go through the pain of disapproval, rupture, and to be condemned or poorly interpreted, by people who are really important for her, but definitely do not negotiate with their dignity and personal integrity, because it has no price. people with high self-esteem only establish personal and labor relations where the norm is to win – win or not There are treatment. people with self-esteem constantly autoafirman, through incorporate into your inner world that is entitled to be, making mistakes, and a fresh start, he has faith in the process, and they know that it is good.