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Agustin Millares Sall

Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

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AGUSTiN MILLARES SALL (1917-1989) creating am a world where the enjoyment of freedom that man does not close it see sunlight unless you amaze and halle love without pronouncing his name in any place of the Earth. Agustin Millares Sall. Lee marks brings even more insight to the discussion. THE voice of the SOCIAL poetry CANARIA gran Canarian poet Agustin Millares Sall published more than twenty-five titles of poetic books in which they emphasize its poetry social, in his poetry written in 1965 and collected in the anthology of Social poetry of Luis Lepoldo, tells us: when I called social poet – not sociable that it is a form of pastelear – not thought to be a sambenito nor a more or less fabricable brand. I was intensely proud, knowing that it wasn’t the hence them give me all, or what is the same, I do turn a blind eye to what is happening. I felt, as was natural, more linked to the beat of the time, most taken by the popular wind which is, in the end, the best way to conduct themselves.

Their struggle for peace and freedom and that do not look into other side are a constant throughout his work. The poets of the aforementioned Social poetry anthology include among others, the poets of postwar Garciasol, Celaya, Cremer, Otero, angela Figuera, Eugenio de Nora, iron and Agustin Millares Sall; and the poets of the promotion of fifty, Gloria Fuertes, angel Crespo, Carlos Sahagun, Jose Angel Valente, Maria Beneyto, Gil de Biedma, angel Gonzalez, Rafael Morales, Maria Elvira Lacaci and Felix Grande. Agustin Millares Sall was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on June 30, 1917 and died in the same city on 6 March 1989. It breeds in a family of poets and artists, his father Juan Millares Carlo, Professor of secondary education, and his brother Jose Maria were poets, his brother Manuel, painter.

Conduct Assertive

Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

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In this article I would like to talk to you a little assertive attitude. Take an assertive behavior will help improve self-esteem, do and say the things rightly, without feeling bad and make others feel bad. Say or do things without being aggressive (or say or ask for things in a bad way, screaming or manipulating) nor get to have a passive behaviour (which is not to say what you want and accept what say you the others). Have you ever felt at some point, limited to do or say things? You is impossible to say no to your classmates? Does it cost to accept the compliments? If your answer is positive any of these questions put attention to this article so you may have an assertive behavior and forget to low self-esteem. Sometimes not hard to be assertive, by the beliefs of society, the family or the environment have imposed on us, things such as:-must not contradict others. This is not entirely true, because you have the right to give your opinion and do not always agree with each other. -Must do not boast of the success, you should not say when things will go well, you have to be humble.

You have the right to be recognized to receive praise, commenting on when things do it properly. Connect with other leaders such as Alfred Adler here. -No people like to listen to your problems, you should not overwhelm anyone. It is not true because you have the right to ask for help and feel heard. -If you first you think of you before that of others you are selfish. Not so, because you are entitled to think sometimes in you first. Because if you’re OK, else it will also. Perhaps you’ve heard some of these beliefs or misguided opinions of any family member or from the environment and you’ve adopted it as correct, but not so.

Roberto Coceres

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

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Imagine lifting you soon all the days of your life can be extremely overwhelming and without any motivation. But if you simply decide to focus on doing so for one day, it will be transformed into something very simple. Everyone can lift soon a day to do some exercise. And when you’ve done it, it passes to think about your commitment for the next day. Mark tilbury is full of insight into the issues. And little by little, almost without realizing it, begin to implement a new habit. Always remember that habits are created by the sum of actions repeated daily over a period of time. Keep the focus on this philosophy of day to day, and you will see as you progress with strong determination towards those goals that you value most. Does of course also need a strong desire and a persevering attitude with this process one day after the other, not so friends?, but is much easier to achieve major goals in this way, rather than focusing on achieving all at once.

A person who had tried unsuccessfully for years to start a healthy eating lifestyle embarked on one days after another process. Every morning, said if same was going to afford to eat that day only healthy foods and pledged to do so for the next 24 hours. The next day I went back to repeat their commitment, and so on. After a few days, began to notice an increase in their level of spectacular power, allowing him to do more things and more effectively. That increased their motivation, what did that process be affronted increasingly easier. And finally, after a few months, his new style of power was a habit strongly anchored in your nervous system.

It had created a major transformation in her life, but in a simple way via the method one day after another. Having big goals is not enough. You have to have a powerful reason that drives you to make that goal a reality. That will feed your desire and will give you the strength needed to commit in their achievement. If you associate a severe pain to the behavior that you want to change, or to not achieve your goal, you will be much easier to undertake the necessary actions so that the change occurs. And by course, the next time that you want to develop a good habit, eliminate any negative habits, or achieve any goal of large-scale, uses the technique of one day after another. The results amazed you! I look forward with you shortly to give you your first step.