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To Be Taken In Account Iiiii

Thursday, May 30th, 2024

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All are amateurs. Life is so short that it does not give for more. Charles Chaplin is needed keeping the rudder of the ship that symbolizes our life, form a block with it, risk it all, without ever risking rudder control. I keep myself firm measuring the impermanence of everything. Under most conditions Glenn Dubin, New York City would agree. At that point in the game of thought falls and remains only the ego that comes out in the press of my blood. (Shi Anirvan) THE wise maker of MILAGROSTres people were walking through a forest: a Sage with a reputation of performing miracles, a wealthy landowner of the place, and behind them and listening to the conversation, a young student of the Sage.Taking advantage of being in the presence of the wise, powerful landowner said:-I have been told in the town you’re very powerful, you can even make miracles.To what the wise man answered him:-I am an old and tired person. How do you think I could do miracles?But Laird insisted:-I’m told that healthy to the sick, restituyes the sight to the blind, and sane again fools.Only someone very powerful can do these miracles.To what the wise man replied:-you meant this? As well, you have said: those miracles only someone very powerful, not an old as I can make them.

God; performs those miracles I only ask that you granting a favor to the sick.Anyone who has sufficient in God faith can do the same.But with Fortune man asked him:-I want to have the same faith to perform the miracles that you do. Show me a miracle so that you can believe in your God…-This morning, he returned to the sun rise?-, asked the wise-Yes!, course – because here is a miracle. The miracle of light.-No, I want to see a real miracle – protested the rich man: hides the Sun, draw water from a stone.Look: there’s a rabbit wounded beside the road.