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Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

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Electroshock OSA-888 is very powerful electric shock. The best defense against bullies and dogs (the dogs act at a distance of 20 meters – enough to turn idle in the air). Breaks any clothes. A very powerful category 1 million volts. Easy to use. (A valuable related resource: Sigmund Freud). No skills in the use of electroshock You do not need. It has small size.

Benefits: Increased ability to make their way under the camouflage cell phone (to cover), cover, fuse, diode lamp voltage: 1000000 volts Dimensions: 12.5 x 2.3 x 4 cm Price: 230 UAH. Tony Mandarich shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 1. How does electric shock? Electric shock when exposed to 3 seconds, causing muscle spasms and loss of ability to manage them. Violated coordination of movements, the opponent loses the opportunity to provide resistance. To effectively combat damage requires contact with the electrode body. Normal wear is not an obstacle.

Even without direct contact in many cases a simple inclusion provides a powerful psychological deterrent effect aggressiveness. Especially at night! 2. Zones are most effective impact most sensitive part of the lower extremities, upper chest, the solar plexus, lower abdomen, upper thighs, popliteal depression. Minimal traumatic effect (two small patches on the skin comes into contact with electrodes, which disappear within a few days), the absence of irreversible injury, with the possible use of firearms or a rubber stick. Strong, restraining aggression, psychological impact on man makes himself when the device type. The man instinctively laid fear of electricity. Does the electric shock on animals? Yes. Electric shock may be used against animals, including dogs against. The dogs are afraid of the panic-type device is switched on. Likely plays a role in catching sparks ozone. Can I get electric shock by close contact with the enemy? No. current passes through body of the enemy on the shortest path between the electrodes in contact with their body. What precautions should I follow when using stun? Do not defeat stun to the neck and Do not include the head in close proximity to the equipment elektronnyo Do not use if the vapor is easily flammable. Spark could cause an explosion. What are the implications of a health risk? Stun effect does not cause long-term illness of more than 3 seconds, also can be brief loss of consciousness. Accidents using electric shock and fatalities on this time were recorded.

Corset – It Is Convenient To

Friday, May 24th, 2013

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Do you think that the corset – it's something terrible, uncomfortable and painful? Faced stories about girls fainting, wore a corset and been reading books, where young girls have suffered from too tighten the corset. You do not even suspect that in fact the corset – it's comfortable and lightweight piece of women's toilets. Maybe in the past, corsets were so stitched that caused much discomfort and may be required to delay their fashion is very tight. But now corsets are made of special materials, in addition, they are no longer used by baleen, as in the past. Now apply the elastic corsets metal spiral. They do not cause pain and discomfort. I I declare that if a woman once in my life will wear a corset, she will wear them always. After wearing the corset, once you feel like a queen.

A woman of any age and waist and feel, and actually looks slender and erotic. But if you still think the corset is too impractical piece of clothing, I hasten to reassure you. Corset can be worn not only for the holidays under evening dresses and elegant gowns. Corsets can be used as everyday clothes, they are great substitute for T-shirts and tank tops, they can be worn under jackets, with jeans and they look just fine. In addition, corsets help lose weight.

When a dense fabric corset touching fat deposits, they begin to disperse. During the socks corsets you can not eat more than you need. Therefore, the corset can easily relieve you of excess fat. Corset – a very old part of the female wardrobe, but he still lives, and fashion it has emerged again. Now it is very stylish and functional clothing, which serves not only underwear, and casual wear. Corsets – a great opportunity to always look attractive, stately and sexy, have a regal bearing and splendid form.

Taxi Intercity

Monday, February 6th, 2012

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Today, fairly regularly, and always there is an urgent need for rapid and almost always unexpected move by taxi from the city to another city, and maybe do a druguoe state. Not everyone likes planes and trains, also did not always possible in a short time to book tickets. For such purposes, and there are possible long-distance taxis. Just to quickly and easily order a taxi to another town, and it does not cost you a huge sum, fares for travel over long distances substantially less than the rates for travel within Moscow. Basically what you pay for only one-way street. And if you you need to transfer to another city 'to and fro', you will be offered a discount and free waiting the final point.

But in addition, there are many free services: you can quite easily carry with them a young child, for this you will provide free car seat, no problem to take on the road with their favorite pets. You can pick up the car of your choice of different classes, and of course different price categories. Also, You can order long-distance taxi-van or minibus taxis, in any case, you can count on a comfortable ride in a taxi, for which there is no need to spend big money. You can not doubt competency-mezhdugorodnikov taxi. They tend to have very extensive experience, is quite high culture of customer service, communication skills and endurance. Taxi megorod: in fact, excellent option of movement, does not expend any effort nor time, nor the big money. Depart from any district of Moscow in a taxi to other regions, you can around the clock. Godspeed!