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Ice Hockey Federation League

Friday, March 22nd, 2024

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Bandy long love in our country. Until the 50s. (Before the IFB), this game we called nothing but a Russian ice hockey (as opposed to a Canadian ice hockey – hockey): where, if not on the wide expanses of ice and not in the vortex velocities attacks, the full features of the show is the Russian character – daring, swing, courage, resourcefulness! .. Hockey – is hardening and the nature, the will and a powerful means of promoting health. Passionate about them hundreds of thousands of people in all parts of the country.

Gradually, the people's game becomes a game of sports. To the 60-th years. XIX century. Russian hockey played in the already ubiquitous. Glenn Dubin spoke with conviction. There are even some celebrities. Played at that time sticks of juniper and solid rubber balls. Hockey is quite popular in Russia.

Suffice it to say that the highest and first league championship of Russia on hockey team played 63 of the 26 subjects of the federation of six federal districts and one foreign team – 'Akzhayik' of Kazakhstan Uralsk, and the Federation of bandy Russia includes 47 national, provincial and regional federations and divisions of Hockey. The largest representation in the major leagues have Irkutsk, Sverdlovsk region, each of which represents three major league teams. In general, in both leagues apart from the competition Sverdlovsk Oblast, the guide to a higher league and the first nine teams from six cities. Less important is yet another figure: in the course of the season playing league teams visited more than a million viewers, but the most important game is collected in one stadium to 30 000 fans. The development of modern hockey with a ball in Russia is carried out under leaders of the Federation of bandy Russia (President Boris Skrynnik). Federation Cup competitions in Russia and the first top league, Cup of Russia, as well as championships in women, veterans, juniors and young men, children's club tournaments for prizes, "Wicker Ball", Mini-Ice (rink-bandy), and several other competitions. In addition, competition in hockey and carried out field work with the Ice Hockey Federation ball of Russia, for example, conducted in 2007 in Sakhalin under the "Sports against gate I Amateur Championship Sakhalin Bandy

Bodybuilding Motivation

Monday, December 18th, 2023

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Motivation is the psychological feature that arouses our bodies to act in the direction set by the task, which used to give direction to our actions. Motivation number 1: Your goal with this motivations are those of all, even if you have already started their studies, it is just to help you. Choose from someone on the role of your idol. Print the picture of his body, which you would like to have – and always remember about her. You'll also help if you put a picture in the bathtub, the mirror in the room or on the refrigerator. This method is very old and for many athletes quite effective.

Especially suitable for you if you sit on diet: simple technique that will help you not to push an extra and not necessary. Do you know how many pros on what you're exercising and eating right? Optimization of every cell in your body and help to maximize boost your immune system. Simply put, you will be much less sore. Motivation number 2: Exercise during the workout Listen to your favorite music. Once you start training, you must include your favorite music.

She will remain in good spirits and will give an even greater desire to engage. Periodically change it. Rest assured, this will help you make a few extra exercises. Find a friend with whom would you go to the gym. If none of your friends do not want to do, you can strike up a friendship with someone from the gym. After all, people in the gym, too, and just try to achieve the same goals as you. A friend at the gym will support you and even help not to miss your workout. Always remember your purpose! During training, do not forget, for what and why you do it all. If you do not think about it constantly, then you do risk losing your goal and you may receive the temptation to throw everything. Think of the result. Examine yourself. When you are making progress in the hall, you feel much more confident. Motivation number 3: You have all the results record: from the weight taken and ending with the percentage of body fat. All this in order to compare the results for certain periods of time. But all this stuff against comparing your photos 'to' and 'after'. Very nice to sometimes see the difference. Your successes will add even more desire to continue to engage and progress! In order to bodybuilding has become a habit, you will need to go through all these three levels of motivation.

MTB Bike

Friday, September 21st, 2018

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Most of the other types of bikes are located between highways and mountains and take something from one of the types, and something – from the other and as they appear in another setting – comfort rider. For example, a touring bike (touring) – this is actually variant road bikes, adapted for longer trips. A bike class hubrid you'll often indistinguishable from MTB only slightly larger and less wide wheels. City bikes (citybike) This is another extreme in the world of bicycles. Of the name can be seen that these bikes are designed for city driving. Here, priority is given to comfort of movement and ease of maintenance. City bike is very similar to a well-known 'road'. Typically they are used multi-speed planetary hub (such as type of Shimano Nexus), requires almost no maintenance and allow the transfer switch in any state, not necessarily pedaling.

There are multi-speed hub with brake pedal, making the bike while riding almost indistinguishable from the road. There is also a design with semi-and fully automatic transmission, which further make life easier for the rider. Hybrids bikes hybrid, hybrid bike (hybrid) already on the name can be seen that this type of bikes combine the concept of both mountain and road bikes. They are designed for comfortable motion in different conditions, it above all, on motion of any roads in the city and the countryside there. If you look at some of these bikes in the directory it is little distinguishable from MTB, they only have a little wheel, which makes them more elegant. The main difference from the MTB is in the wheels, used wheels with a diameter of 700 mm and width of the tire with 38-40 mm. These wheels make it easier to move. Typically used in hybrid'ax components / linkage groups from the mountain, sometimes specifically designed for these types of bicycle components Shimano Nexave.


Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

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The main thing that distinguishes them is the high reliability, that is, any damage can lead to unpredictable consequences, and therefore of primary importance fortress construction. They are equipped with the most sturdy handlebars, suspension fork, reliable brakes (usually disk). The second group of features due to the fact that they were going down, respectively, the problem of minimizing the weight should not be used wide tires, the center of gravity is shifted backward. At the present time for downhill bikes are typically used dvuhpodvesochnye. Trial Bicycles (Trial) Trial is to overcome obstacles.

Bicycles are used in Trial frame small size, light weight. Sometimes they have a front suspension fork is sometimes used rigid fork. Brakes as Typically, hydraulic, such brakes provide the best control. Kroskantri (CrossCountry) High-speed cross-country race. Can be as hard and with the suspension fork, the weight is minimized. Made of carbon fiber or aluminum. Have much in common with bicycles CycloCross.

Friraydernye bikes (FreeRider) The essence of these bikes as the name implies, they are designed for riding on rough terrain. They are not intended for any was racing and therefore this is not a pure subtype. Solutions are very diverse, as can be polnopodvesami and have only a front suspension fork. Road and mountain biking have in common is that both types of designed to achieve maximum speeds in different circumstances. When operating the mountain or road bike cyclist is ready to sacrifice the simple operation of a bicycle and ride comfort for the sake of high speeds. I would like to note that the specific characteristics of each of these types is most pronounced in the older models. For the younger models, this applies only in part, that is, it's bikes for riding with the usual some features (on the cheap roadies you will feel comfortable first and foremost on the pavement, at affordable MTB – on country roads).

Right Bike

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

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When choosing a baby bike should take into account the weight of the bike. It should be fairly easy, because not only you will always be his home. Choosing child bike depends on the growth of the child. Sitting on a bicycle saddle found in the lower position, the heel of the child must reach the pedals, situated in the lower phase. Approximate matching of child bicycle scheme, depending on the child's growth Wheel diameter, inches Height child, cm Approximate age 12 inches to 98 cm 3, 12, 14 inches to 104 cm 3-4 years 14 and 16 inches up to 110 cm 4-5 years 16, 18 inches to 116 cm 5-6 years 18, 20 inches to 122 cm 6 -7 years 18 and 20 inches up to 128 cm 7-8 years 20, 20-inch stock.

to 134 cm 8-9 years 20, 20-inch stock. to 140 cm 9-10 years 20, 20-inch stock. to 146 cm 10-11 years 20 inches warehouse. up to 152 cm 11.12 age 24 in stock. to 158 cm 12-13 years 24-inch stock. to 164 cm of 13-14 years is necessary to consider the build quality when buying any bike. Consult with the seller. Do not buy a bike without a child! He has to sit on it, a little ride.

The kid can just do not like the chosen color without it. Saddle should be soft, comfortable. You can not buy a bike "for growth." It may just be dangerous – because the manufacturer always takes into account age features and correlates them with product specifications. Enjoy your ride! Source: – Sale of bicycles and wholesale.