Addict-o-Matic, Knowing Everything That Was Cooked on the Internet on Any Subject

The last thing that brings the founder of Rollyo, Dave Pell. If we can understand, this is a search engine that allows us to be aware of a particular topic getting information from different media, from digital media online, blogs, multimedia storage platforms, etc..

Thus, if we are to learn about an issue, we introduce the corresponding terms, and Addict-O-Matic will have access to different means of making use for submission through the relevant modules, as if a page Start concerned, as iGoogle or Netvibes. You can try to do a search, and see you are looking for information about this topic obtained from sites like Google Blog Search, News, Technorati, YouTube, Digg, and many others. The only thing we can do is rearrange the modules, since we do not have any option to filter content by source or relevance, nor the ability to add custom sources.

What if they are a series of thematic pages, which have access to specific sites, many of them specializing in one’s own theme that treats each page. We’ll see as evolving Addict-o-Matic is time that we show if we can be helpful, but for now we can add to our browser engine.

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