Air Terminal

The flight It runs silent, trouble-free, unique turbulence of his spirit. Through the window he sees how the long-awaited city approaching rapidly, he thinks that at some point in that city, someone already is waiting for him. Hands sweat you, absorbing heat begins to invade your body and an anxiety State pressed his chest. The captain announces that it’s time to buckle up, the aircraft flies to the airport and after a slight wobble, glides smoothly along the track, heading to the national arrival hall. Heart beats fast, just you get a message that tells you: Hello now did you? and answered Yes, that just landed. Leaves the airport and as had been previously agreed, goes to the Air Terminal subway, where no runs but flies to reach it.

It is rush hour, the crowd of people the impression that reached agreement to prevent the passage: with permission, with permission, it screams desperate and finally manages to enter Al vagon: your destination: Terminal General Anaya. The nerves are of Tip, have passed only about ten minutes of travel and him seem to they have been centuries. It flips to see route guidance and realizes that only missing a station to reach. The heart is out of place; their temples bounce like knots trying to explode; an anguished knot pressed his chest. Anxiety in all its splendor. Finally reaches the Terminal General Anaya, go down, turns to see your watch, is close to the time of the appointment had been agreed at ten o’clock in the morning. In that, vibrates your phone, is she, hurrying answers it and heard her tell him: Sorry, struck me a tire and I’m going to take a little bit, porfis, do not despair.

The answer is the classic don’t worry, here I hope you where are left. Runs one time, hour and half and she does not. He is desperate, thinks the worst things in the world: that will not come; He snickered It was a futile trip. However, the moment arrives, when you least expect it, the sound of a horn almost explodes in your ears, flips and occurs Note that it is not known, but his instinct tells him that it is his princess in all its splendor. Crossing glances and both eyes are filled with emotion. Physical presence far exceeds the expectations that had shared since before. The crush is instantaneous, the chemistry is mixed and arises intense infatuation. A tender Kiss seals his encounter, is the prelude to a day intense and passionate the rest was the I leave to your imagination. Original author and source of the article.

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