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American Airlines as well as major airlines have begun to get their balance sheets in order, they are preparing for the impact of the rise of the oil prices. We are facing another crisis of fuel, and the crisis is not too strong word, said the CEO of American Airlines, Gerard Arpey, speaking at a Conference of journalists from business in Dallas. It is impossible to keep the rates of cheap flights. Last year, the airlines had its best year in a decade, the size of a slim margin of 2% profit. But oil prices have risen more than 20 per cent in 2011, and it will increase the costs of aviation fuel, which demand a large part of the air operation costs. As violence in the Middle East and North Africa revives fears that political turmoil extends to other oil producing countries, oil prices continue to increase.

And that is adding pressure on the upside to the price of fuel. On Friday, prices crude oil settled at a new high of 2-1/2-year high of 112,79 dollars barrel. Arpey said he is also concerned about high energy prices, will stop the economic recovery and the traffic will decrease as the Americans withdraw from total spending, including travel budgets. We are all very concerned by what is happening in the oil market, said Arpey. If the dimming economic recovery, it will not be good for traffic. Concerns come less than less than three years after the economy suffered its last crisis of fuels.

0: 00 / 3: 16 United CEO: airline should fear in the summer of 2008, crude oil prices to nearly $150 barrel. As prices continue to creep higher, investors are becoming nervous about the State of affairs of the airlines. The actions of the American array AMR (AMR, Fortune 500) has lost more than 5 % on Friday. Other airlines also under pressure. Delta (DAL, Fortune 500) shares fell 4%, JetBlue (JBLU) s shares plunged 5 percent and shares of Continental United (UAL) fell almost 7 per cent.

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