Body Fat Cells

Your genetic background can give you an idea of your potential, bone structure to develop muscle and strength; and also how and where you take your body fat. Since this last (body fat) is something that most people don’t want, first demos see body fat. All were born with a certain number of adipose cells, located in certain areas. For example, normally men have most of their fat around your stomach (the classic beer belly), while women generally tend to carry most of their fat in the area of the hips, thighs and rear. Women also have more body fat than men, for reasons relating to the birth of the children after years and years of evolution, the idea is that a mother can feed her baby with excess body fat in case of missing food. However, some man do not have too much fat in your abdomen area and some women unusually have hips, thighs and slender rear.

As with all genetic characteristics, they are an accident of birth, a sort of lottery. It is also important to understand that we can not eliminate the adipose cells with which we were born we stayed with them either they stay with us. (Technically they can be removed with surgery, but I hope that you do not prefer that option!). What we can do however, is to reduce those adipose cells, which many people know as burn fat. Also your body burns fat evenly, i.e., all at the same time not only in an area. It is due to the variation in the distribution of fat by what many people feel so frustrated with certain areas of their bodies. There are hundreds of thousands of men, for example, who do not believe that they are fat or having overweight; However, they would like to lose only the fat from his abdomen but they have no idea of how to do so. The reality is that the only way of getting rid of the fat in our abdomen, thighs or anywhere else is decreasing our overall body fat percentage. That’s all!

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