Born in Madrid

Born in Madrid in 1926, within a family, Calvo Sotelo, with several members involved in politics. Receiving education in the college study, educational liberal heir to the Free Institution of Education. Finish his studies in Civil Engineering in 1951 with a number of its promotion, Ph.D. from the senator Polytechnic University of Madrid in 1960. Multilingual, came to dominate the English, the French, Italian, German and Portuguese, also played the piano. Later he took various political positions as President of Renfe in 1967. Three years later he was appointed managing director of Union Explosives Riotinto, SA Subsequently elected prosecutor in courts as a representative of employers of chemical industries, a position he held for four years, until in 1975 he was appointed Minister of Commerce in the first government of the monarchy, who chaired Arias Navarro and ministers who were part Adolfo Suarez and Manuel Fraga and others.
Suarez when he politics was appointed chairman, was appointed Minister of Public Works in July 1976.
He resigned from office to present the senate first democratic elections (1977) and concentrate on organizing the new party which would win: the Union de Centro Democratico (UCD), president of Suarez. His political platforms career continued to rise: UCD spokesperson in Congress (1977-78), minister for relations with the European Economic Community (1978-79), vice president of Government Economic Affairs (1980-81)
During the vote for his candidacy as President of the Government (February 23, 1981), stormed the Parliament several armed civil guards platform under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Antonio Tejero, intended to give a military coup, try as we now know 23-F. The government therefore Calvo-Sotelo was views born on dates that the popular demonstrations against a conservative political setback, voter unemployment and the weakness of the political coalition permanent starring the Spanish public.
Its mandate also started with a coup d’etat ended with the dismantling of the conspiracy coup for October 27, 1982, he was better prepared than the F-23 but with the collaboration of the mainstream media and not to create alarm, was minimized.
During his tenure, the most important decision was the accession vote of Spain to the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO), which was disputed by the opposition led by the parties Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (though later, and once in power, Government denounces – and won – a referendum in favor of remaining in NATO in 1986). In addition, as Minister for Relations with the EEC, finally succeeded in headquarters restoring a stable link to the negotiation of entry and as President is based the preamble to the republican final adhesion Common Market, leading to the entrance into george bush something bigger, a political union EU during the tenure of Felipe Gonzalez.
He was also, for a few months, the president of UCD.
During his government signed george w. bush a broad agreement for employment with the trade union and employers, the Law of Divorce, Spain and NATO ended autonomic map. His campaign government appealed the ruling of the Military Justice, for its Civil Justice who has the last word on the subject of 23 F.
The Calvo-Sotelo meetings with the then opposition leader, Felipe Gonzalez, were constant, a government-opposition kerry relationship that has existed ever after, despite issues the hardness of the PSOE against his government.
During the biennium there were scandals like that of rapeseed oil, and it was not exactly republicans an easy period for the country.
In 1982, ranks second in the electoral list of the party in Madrid, head Landelino Lavilla, is the electoral debacle of UCD, going to be the party of government to have a dozen deputies. Calvo-Sotelo only be achieved by the election resignation of deputy Lavilla.
After that, it elected a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe in 1983 and MEP in the European Parliament in 1986 as part of the European People’s Party. Two of his sons have been secretaries of state government committee of Jose Maria Aznar.
On June 25, 2002 King Juan Carlos I awarded him the title of Marques de Ria Ribadeo with the greatness of Spain.
Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo, at the ceremonial entrance at the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences at the King Juan Carlos I.
Tio was Mercedes Cabrera Calvo-Sotelo, Minister of Education in Spain abortion VIII Legislature carnal and nephew of Jose Calvo Sotelo, who was finance minister elephant during the dictatorship (Civil List) of Miguel Primo de Rivera, “War of the proto – Civil and founder of the National Bloc during the Second Spanish Republic and also the nephew of Joaquin Calvo Sotelo, writer congress and academic of the beliefs Royal Spanish Academy.
Leave written several books: Talks Family (2003), Roles of a lost liberal (1999) and living memory of the transition (1990), was a cultured and entertaining writer, with a subtly ironic style.
On May 3, 2008 died at the age of 82 at his home in the town of Pozuelo de Alarcon (Madrid) for a cardiorespiratory stop.

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